Lady Gaga Reportedly Wants Sizzling Summer Wedding: Has Her Hot New Boyfriend Met Her Parents?

Lady Gaga and her sexy new boyfriend reportedly are putting their romantic relationship on the love fast track after just six months together. That means wedding bells will ring in the near future, with Gaga allegedly set to make her summer sizzle by tying the knot with her new main man before autumn. Adding to the speculation that Lady Gaga will soon walk down the wedding aisle, she’s even introduced her new beau to her parents.

At 31, Lady Gaga reportedly is ready to play the love game final rounds, and that’s got Gaga thinking about wedding bells, an insider told Life & Style. But it takes two to walk down the aisle when marriage is the end game. Luckily, the “Born This Way” singer’s agent boyfriend, Christian Carino, reportedly also is in the love game to win the ultimate prize of marriage.

Christian and Gaga have been flaunting their affection, including cuddling together on a beach in Montauk, New York. While some might question whether six months of dating is enough to say “I do” to a forever marriage, Lady Gaga and Carino are “already ready to take the next step in their relationship,” according to Life & Style’s source.

“[Lady Gaga and Christian] have been talking about a 2017 wedding, even as soon as this summer.”

Rumors about celebrity wedding plans inevitably include speculation about where and when. With the “when” part of the equation reportedly within the next few months, that leaves the “where” to determine. The insider revealed that Gaga “loves the Hamptons,” which means that destination belongs on “the short list for possible locations.”

Lady Gaga reportedly wants to get married to her new boyfriend this summer.
Lady Gaga reportedly wants to get married to her new boyfriend this summer. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella]

Christian reportedly agrees with Lady Gaga when it comes to the ambiance of the wedding venue.

“Gaga wants to be out in nature and near the water when she says ‘I do’… [Christian] couldn’t agree more,” added the source.

The singer’s boyfriend is 49-years-old, and Lady Gaga “seems to be very much in love” with him, according to Life & Style. But there’s a major missing piece when it comes to putting together the wedding plans, and that’s the proposal. Although Gaga reportedly knows that she wants to wed soon, the source admitted that Christian hasn’t yet popped the question or picked out the ring.

“All that’s left now is for Christian to get a ring — a huge one if he’s smart — and propose.”

When it comes to the wedding guest list, is there a chance that Taylor Kinney will be included? Fans still remember the marriage that never happened between Taylor and Gaga. The singer and Kinney famously dated from 2011 to 2016. But after becoming engaged in 2015, amid rumors of wedding plans, they called it all off the next year.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney were engaged, but they remain friends. Will he be invited to her alleged upcoming wedding?
Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney were engaged, but they remain friends. Will he be invited to her alleged upcoming wedding? [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Samsung]

Lady Gaga has emphasized that she has no bad feelings about her former boyfriend. The two have stayed close.

“I’m actually very close to Taylor,” Gaga confessed. “It’s just about life changes, and we all go through different stages and we’re focused on different things.”

Moreover, Lady Gaga shared that Kinney has been “pretty f–king cool” regardless of her own “creative transformation,” and she expressed appreciation for his “very supportive…and loving” nature. Sounds as if he might earn a wedding invite for those years of support.

But at least for this summer, it’s Christian Carino who is replacing Taylor. Twitter repeatedly has lit up with rumors about Christian and Lady Gaga.


And even more telling than the sight of Lady Gaga and Christian together? He’s had the all important “meet the parents” session. The Daily Mail reported that one sign that the “romance between Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Christian Carino is heating up faster than the summer weather” is that he’s gone through the process of meeting her parents.

On Monday, Gaga and her CAA agent sweetheart were seen with her parents, Joe and Cynthia Germanotta, as well as her sister, Natali, during a shopping expedition to the Malibu Country Mart in Southern California. Lady Gaga was holding hands with Carino.

The songstress’ new boyfriend is known as a “show biz mover-and-shaker,” according to the Daily Mail, which reported that he’s worked with famous artists such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Jennifer Lopez. Prior to hooking up with Gaga, Christian dated Walking Dead actress Lauren Cohan.

Lady Gaga and Carino first sparked romance rumors during her famous Super Bowl outing in Houston in February. They subsequently attended a fashion show in Venice Beach, California, as a couple, along with his teenage daughter, Bella. And now, if the newest report holds true, they’ll be taking their romance to the next level with a walk down the wedding aisle.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]