WWE News: Kurt Angle Mentions Chris Benoit During Interview For WWE 2K18

Kurt Angle is the current general manager of Monday Night Raw and the exclusive pre-order superstar for the WWE 2K18 video game. Angle met with the media on Monday to talk about WWE 2K18 but he had some kind of mishap. The WWE Hall of Famer mentioned Chris Benoit, whose name has been banned in the company, during his public interview.

As recapped by Buzz.ie, Angle was asked about the highlights of his WWE career. The 48-year-old wrestling legend mentioned WrestleMania moments, rivals and more. Angle had countless great matches during his career and he is considered as one of the greatest wrestlers in history. However, he mentioned Chris Benoit and it’s a big no-no in the WWE.

“I would say the WrestleManias, the Eddie Guerreros, the Shawn Michaels, the Brock Lesnars, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, and Chris Jericho. I had some great WrestleMania matches.”

Angle mentioning Benoit was clearly an accident but it was quickly picked up by wrestling fans around the world. It became a hot topic on the internet and videos of it were released immediately. You can watch the video on the link above. The WWE has not acknowledged it but the company is likely not going to address it because of Chris Benoit’s name being involved.

Chris Benoit committed suicide in 2007 after killing his wife and son.
Chris Benoit attends a press conference to promote Wrestlemania XX. [Image by Peter Kramer/Getty Images]

Chris Benoit, his name, likeness, and history have been erased from WWE history due to what happened in 2007. Benoit infamously committed suicide on June 24, 2007, after murdering his wife Nancy on June 22 and seven-year-old son Daniel on June 23. It was one of the darkest days in the history of WWE and professional wrestling.

But before all the details of the horrible crime were revealed, the WWE even had a tribute show for Chris Benoit and in his family. However, Vince McMahon immediately made a statement after it was confirmed that Benoit committed the crime. The WWE chairman announced ten years ago that there will no longer be any mention of Chris Benoit in any of their program as part of the healing process.

The incident led the WWE to improve their reputation by cleaning the roster from drugs and steroids, per Deadspin. Head injuries and concussions are taken more seriously and other factors such as blood, chair shots to the head, and more are banned from the ring. And it was all because of what happened to Chris Benoit and his family.

Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero are two of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history.
Kurt Angle locks Eddie Guerrero to hold during a WWE match. [Image by WWE]

Kurt Angle has a lot of history with Chris Benoit as they were involved in some of best technical wrestling matches in WWE history. Angle had no intentions to get himself in trouble by saying Benoit’s name. They just had a lot of history along with other superstars such as Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Edge, and Rey Mysterio.

As Angle and his mishap, Still Real To Us believes that top WWE officials like Vince McMahon and Triple H will have a small talk with him. There won’t be any backstage heat on Angle because he is expected to return to the ring later this year. The WWE needs ratings and Angle wrestling again is a ratings booster for the company.

[Featured Image by WWE]