Christopher O'Brien: 'The Perfect Murder' -- Fiber, Trudeau Abduct Long Island Car Salesman During Test Drive

Christopher O'Brien's death story will be dramatized on The Perfect Murder tonight. The Investigation Discovery crime series will lay out the case of Christopher Alan O'Brien and his killers George Fiber and Michael Trudeau from the detectives' point of view. Christopher O'Brien vanished during a car test drive 25 years ago from a Huntington, Long Island, car dealership after leaving with a potential buyer. The Perfect Murder, which documents cases that were almost never solved, will detail how police found the body and how a TriState robbery spree led them to the killer. The episode title for tonight's The Perfect Murder is called "Ride With the Devil."

Twenty-six-year-old Christopher O'Brien had the gift of gab. Those who knew the spunky car salesman said he could sell just about anything. In February of 1992, Chris O'Brien found himself at a car dealership in Huntington, which was located on Long Island. Part of his daily routine was accompanying potential buyers during test drives.

However, nothing was routine about that fateful day in February, when a stranger walked into the dealership and asked to test drive a car. Christopher O'Brien handed over the keys and slid into the passenger seat, not knowing that it would be his last ride. When O'Brien didn't return to the car dealership, it sent waves of panic through his co-workers. The car O'Brien was last seen in was also reported stolen. Relatives worried for Chris O'Brien all night. They didn't have to wait long to find out what happened to him.

The body of a man was found dumped near Ocean Parkway close to the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn the next day. New York City police identified the victim as Christopher O'Brien. A coroner ruled the death a homicide, stating that O'Brien had been shot to death.

The case was a real puzzle to detectives. Christopher O'Brien had a criminal past and had a lot going on in his personal life, leading investigators to wonder if it had all caught up with him. The investigation sent law enforcement detectives across three states. They later determined that Christopher O'Brien's death was connected to a string of robberies.

The killers were later identified as George Fiber, 29, and Michael Trudeau, 19. George Fiber was convicted of kidnapping, murder, and armed robbery. He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. Currently, George Fiber is housed at the Wende Correctional Facility and is eligible for parole in 2029.

Younger accomplice Michael Trudeau was convicted of murder and given 15-years-to-life. He is serving his time at the Fishkill Correctional Facility. Trudeau was denied parole in 2015. However, he has another chance for parole in December 2017.

To get inside information about the investigation, watch The Perfect Murder tonight at 9 p.m. on ID. Last week's episode of The Perfect Murder was based on the case of Daniel Ott.

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