Farrah Abraham’s On-Again, Off-Again Boyfriend, Simon Saran, Shows Off A Fourth Of July Hookup On Social Media

Simon Saran, Farrah Abraham’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, is known for trolling other cast members of the Teen Mom franchise and telling it like it is. He frequently calls out Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielsen, and the pair have had pretty heated exchanges on social media.

Currently, Farrah Abraham is jetting around the world as she goes on various dates for the MTV UK series, Single AF, despite just having been on a romantic getaway to Jamaica with Simon a few weeks earlier.

Simon has stated multiple times on his Twitter that he loves Farrah Abraham and that the pair are only not together for MTV cameras. According to him, the network needs her to be single so that she can participate on shows like Single AF.

The pair faced rumors merely weeks ago that Farrah Abraham was carrying Simon’s child. And although Farrah has stated that the pair are just friends, they have been appearing in one another’s Snapchats at an alarmingly frequent rate for a simply platonic relationship.

While most people who follow Simon have gotten the impression that he and Farrah Abraham are still together in some way, despite her appearance on MTV, Simon recently posted a steamy photo session with a scantily clad unnamed woman on his Snapchat. The pair looked awfully cozy for someone who is still technically in a relationship.

Simons Saran and a mystery girl on a boat
Simons Saran and a mystery girl on a boat [Image by Simon Saran/Snapchat]
Simon Saran and his mystery woman get cozy
Simon Saran and his mystery woman get cozy [Image by Simon Saran/Snapchat]
Simon Saran's shows off the mystery woman's assets
Simon Saran's shows off the mystery woman's assets [Image by Simon Saran/Snapchat]

Simon Saran recently took to Twitter to express his concerns over the way Farrah Abraham raises her 8-year-old daughter, Sophia. He stated that he was worried about the fact that she not only does not have a father, but that Farrah herself is often away for “business,” something Sophia has had to adjust to in her short life.

However, he did say that Farrah Abraham does work hard for Sophia, so the end justifies the means, he just wishes the young girl could visit her mother when she travels more often.

Although Simon showed himself getting steamy with an unnamed woman during the Fourth of July, it seems his heart is still set on Farrah Abraham. On the same day he sent out the racy snaps, he retweeted a fan who supported his relationship with Farrah.

“They love each other and he’s good for Sophia. He’s also good for Farrah. If anyone can change her it’s Simon,” they said.

Clearly, Simon agrees with that sentiment, even though he’s posting social media photos of himself and another woman getting intimate.




[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]