'Outlander' Spoilers: What To Expect In Season 2 Finale 'Dragonfly In Amber'

Outlander fans have been waiting for the Season 2 finale, and it is finally happening. The episode, which is titled "Dragonfly in Amber," after the second book in the series, will air on Starz on Saturday night.

The Outlander Season 2 finale has also been extended to 90 minutes long, which is already letting viewers know that the show will be jam-packed with content and likely resolve some of the storylines the series has been working toward since Season 1.

With the finale so close, what can viewers expect to see in the last episode of the season? While not many spoilers have been divulged, it does seem that there will be a lot going on in the finale.

Perhaps the biggest storylines will be the Battle of Culloden. Outlander has been building to this moment since the start of the series, and it is finally happening. Unfortunately, viewers already know that the Jacobites did not alter the course of history and that the Scottish still lose the battle, despite Claire and Jamie's efforts to change the outcome.

What Outlander fans also know is that Claire will return to her own time during the episode. In a previous episode, Jamie made Claire promise that if anything should go wrong during the battle, she would make her way back to the stones and return to the 1940s and her first husband, Frank Randall.

Outlander Season 2 Finale Spoilers: Claire and Jamie Part.
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In the first episode of Season 2, fans see Claire back in the 1940s reuniting with Frank, telling him what she had been through and how she had loved another man. Frank also finds out that Claire is currently pregnant with Jamie's child and agrees to raise the baby as his own if Claire will forget about her former life and live in the moment with him. Claire agrees, and the two leave Scotland for America.

Throughout the course of Season 2, fans also got a glimpse of Claire's child, a girl named Brianna. Judging from the photos from the finale, which have been released by Starz this week, Outlander viewers will get a big dose of Brianna in the finale episode of the season. Brianna, who is all grown up now, as the timeline will change to show Claire in the 1960s, could possibly learn the secret of her parentage and what her mother's past is all about.

If Brianna does learn Claire's big secret, it could mean that Frank has died. Frank asked Claire to never tell the child about her real father, or speak of her time travel, as long as he walked the earth. In the book series, Frank dies at a young age, leaving Claire to revisit her time with Jamie, and that could be exactly what Outlander is heading for in Season 3.

In the book series, Claire returns to Scotland after Frank's death and reunites with Reverend Wakefield and his adopted son, Roger, who becomes a love interest for Brianna.

Claire hopes that the Wakefield men can help her discover what happened after the Battle of Culloden. Claire and Brianna then visit an old churchyard, where they find the grave of Black Jack Randall and the grave of Jamie Fraser, which is a marriage stone that also includes Claire's name but no date of death.

Outlander Spoilers: Will Brianna learn that Jamie is her real father?
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It is then that Claire reveals Brianna's true paternity, which Brianna angrily denies but Roger is very interested in. Claire then recounts the details of her amazing journey into the past and her life with Jamie.

It seems likely that Outlander fans will see much of this storyline play out on the series. TV Guide reports an old familiar face will return for the Season 2 finale and help Claire figure out what happened during the Battle of Culloden.

No matter what happens during the finale, one thing is for sure: Fans are going to see a heartbreaking and amazing episode on Saturday night.

What are your thoughts on the latest Outlander Season 2 spoilers?

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