Will There Be A ‘Southern Charm’ Season 5? What To Expect From ‘Southern Charm’ Reunion

Many Southern Charm viewers were disappointed to learn that they will have to wait for another week before the Southern Charm season four reunion, but will there be a Southern Charm season five? The Southern Charm reunion will be a two-part reunion and the primary cast will appear as well as the friends of the cast which include Austen and Shep’s love interest Chelsea Meissner and Craig’s girlfriend Naomie Olindo. And this year Southern Charm creator Whitney Sudler-Smith is removing himself from the main cast but will also reportedly make an appearance in the plus-one group with Jennifer Snowden, who will reportedly bring her own fireworks as she testified in the Kathryn Dennis/Thomas Ravenel custody case, and Kathryn alleges that Jennifer lied about her relationship with Ravenel.

But just in time for the Southern Charm reunion, the custody battle between Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel has been wrapped up, at least for now. But that won’t stop some mudslinging about the custody of Kensie and Saint Ravenel and the case that was still a tug of war when the Southern Charm reunion was filmed. The biggest bone of contention at the reunion was why Kathryn still has her suspicions about Jennifer Snowden who seemed to flip flop fast, seeming to be Kathryn’s best friend in season three of Southern Charm, yet siding with Thomas Ravenel soon after.


The two-part Southern Charm reunion is scheduled to run on July 10th and 17th, and Southern Charm reunion shows won’t be the only reunion show airing on Bravo next week as part one of Real Housewives of Potomac will air next Sunday, the day before Southern Charm. But what can fans expect from the Southern Charm reunion? Well, first while Cameran Eubanks talked about tossing her birth control during the filming of Southern Charm Season 4 things moved fast because she is said to be visibly pregnant at the Southern Charm reunion.

At the end of Southern Charm Season 4, the relationship between Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo did not look like it would last. The two were in therapy and they just seemed poorly suited for each other. But it has been confirmed that Craig and Naomie are still together, and Craig’s hard work paid off and he did pass the bar (and has perfected his onesie monogramming). Craig confessed that things did get worse between the two before they got better.

“There were temporary fixes instead of just flushing things out entirely … I was used to doing that… It was easier to not talk about things and act like they didn’t happen. But, fortunately, a few months ago we kind of hit the worst of it and had some huge strides opening up and we started being entirely honest about everything and the last two months have been awesome. So I think we’re finally making big improvements instead of running around in circles.”


But with no word from Bravo about Southern Charm Season 5, fans of the original Southern Charm are wondering what will become of the original Southern Charm. The creator of the Southern Charm franchise Whitney Sudler-Smith has launched the second show in the series with Southern Charm Savannah, and next will introduce Bravo fans to Southern Charm New Orleans. While Southern Charm Savannah got a boost from following the original Southern Charm on Monday nights, the ratings don’t indicate that it will survive without the original show providing the lead-in.

Whitney Sudler-Smith has indicated that he prefers to be behind the camera rather than in front of it, which is the big reason that he has turned Southern Charm into a franchise. Is this a hint that he is ready to close the door on the original? At this point, Whitney is tight-lipped on the topic but he is said to be enthusiastic about the launch of Southern Charm New Orleans.


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Bravo is teasing Southern Charm New Orleans as full of secrets among longtime friends in a city where a party is easy to find.

“Hidden away from the beads and beats of Bourbon Street is an exclusive community filled with wealth, legacy, and tradition. Although the prestige in this town is plentiful, everything that glitters isn’t gold, and underneath brews a multitude of shocking secrets that could destroy the foundation of long-standing friendships. In a city where lineage and status are everything, how far will this ambitious group go to redefine their legacy and secure their spot at the top of this esteemed circle?”

Whitney Sudler-Smith’s production company, Haymaker is also launching a show with Shep Rose from the original Southern Charm, calling him the “breakout star.” The new show is to be called RelationShep, and it is about the never married Shep, 37 and his search for true love across the country.

Do you think there will be a Southern Charm Season 5? Are you looking forward to the Southern Charm reunion?

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