‘Tekken 7’ Infinite Eliza Super Glitch Discovered, Penalty Applied To 2017 EVO Players Using Bug

It appears Tekken 7’s Eliza character has a serious glitch involving the ability to allow an infinite amount of “supers” regardless of the status bar. This glitch can be detrimental to an opponent and should be patched as soon as possible. If the bug isn’t addressed by the time the 2017 EVO tournament arrives, then this glitch will be banned.

Twitch user LevelUpYourGame demonstrated that the meter wasn’t high enough to perform the moves required of the ability.

YouTuber Fading Fire was fearful of the character being banned altogether and had asked to just ban the glitch itself. This makes sense considering people have their own personal favorite Tekken 7 game characters they’d like to use in a well renowned competitive environment. Fading Fire also noted that from an audiences’ perspective, this would be something to consider.

On top of that, with the introduction of new characters like Eliza, they practice a long time, putting effort into using her legitimately. Also, they figure that by learning the new character, they’d have the edge over players that are more familiar with veteran Tekken characters.

Fighting games have been known for their infinite glitches, but with a tournament as big as the Evolution Championship Series, this kind of thing shouldn’t be taken lightly.


The organizer of the whole ordeal, Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar, said anyone caught using the Eliza glitch will be penalized a round in the game or the entire game if need be. According to Segment Next, tournament officials had allowed infinite combo strings. However, they will be making an exception.

Before this glitch, players discovered another Tekken 7 infinite combo string for Eliza that doesn’t allow players to pick themselves up from off the ground. It’s very annoying and what she does is relentlessly nails her opponents with dive kicks. In a real life MMA match, the referee would likely tell her to back off.

Tekken 7 Eliza Bug
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If anyone recalls Street Fighter’s Cammy, she has something similar that’s highly annoying, her air cannon strike.

Tekken 7’s Eliza character was actually a game pre-order incentive for those who pre-purchase the fighting game and is manufactured by Bandai Namco Entertainment America.

Do you think Cuellar’s ruling is a fair one?

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