October 30, 2018
Selena Gomez Touches Fan's Breasts During Handsy Meet & Greet

Selena Gomez recently told fans that she can't keep her hands to herself, and it looks like that was certainly the case during a recent meet-and-greet session ahead of her Kansas City concert on July 1.

A Selena fan who goes by the username @selenaoursavior took to Instagram on July 6 to show off a seriously handsy shot she took with Gomez during a meet-and-greet on her "Revival Tour," where the two can be seen cupping each other's breasts.

"You could say we're breast friends," the Selena fan captioned the shot, which already has more than 14,000 likes, before borrowing a line from Gomez's 2014 hit "Hands to Myself" by joking that Gomez just "couldn't keep her hands to herself" during their meeting in Kansas City.

"Guys I touched her boobs!" the Gomez fan continued in the photo's caption, adding that Selena even told her that she "had great boobs" after the two got seriously comfortable with each other during their meeting.

The Selena fan didn't reveal in the snap's caption exactly what caused her to make the pretty bizarre boob request for her pre-concert meet-and-greet photo, though she did elaborate a little further on how the boob grabbing shot came about after fans questioned the pose in the photo's comments section.

After a fellow Selena fan asked about the moment the two got handsy before Gomez's Kansas City concert, @selenaoursavior wrote in reply, "I went, 'I know this is gonna be an awkward question so I'm just gonna go ahead and ask.'"

She then revealed that Gomez told her to ask away, to which she admitted that she asked the "Good For You" singer, "Can we like, touch each others boobs for the picture?'"

According to the fan, Selena then replied, "But I have no bra!" before later agreeing to the pretty unusual boob grabbing request for her meet and greet photo.

The Selena Gomez fan even revealed on the social media site that Gomez then told her that she has "great boobs" following the pretty unusual moment.

Instagram user @selenaoursavior then shared a few other shots from her moment with Selena on the photo sharing site, including one of the twosome embracing with a tight hug.


The pretty unique meet-and-greet photo comes just weeks after it was speculated that Gomez may opt to cut back on face-to-face interactions with her fans following the tragic murder of her close friend Christina Grimmie.

As reported by the Orlando Sentinel, Grimmie, who had previously toured with Selena and was also managed by her stepdad, was murdered by an obsessed fan last month who shot her during a meet-and-greet session after a concert in Orlando, Florida.

In the days following the tragedy, E! News reported that Selena had canceled at least one meet-and-greet session with fans just a few miles away from the incident in Miami, Florida, while Hollywood Life speculated that Gomez could potentially cancel even more fan meetings in the wake of the horrific tragedy.

"Selena is obviously broken up over the entire tragedy," a source told Hollywood Life last week, who confessed that Gomez "feels that for her safety, and her fans safety, that it might be best to cancel all future meet and greets."

The insider then went on to allege to the site that Selena was "weighing the pros and cons" of scaling back her meet and greets, confessing that Gomez was "highly considering cancelling or drastically changing how things are run to make sure everyone is safe and sound."

What do you think of the unique boob grabbing meet and greet photo Selena Gomez agreed to take with a fan?

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]