Trump Slammed As ‘Thousands’ Immediately Respond To ‘Irony’ In Tweet

Donald Trump tossed out a question to Twitter users, and within a matter of minutes, he was bombarded with a barrage of tweets numbering in the thousands. There was only one problem with the answers that came firing back at him, the responses might not have been what he was looking for, suggests the Huffington Post.

Trump’s past comments on Kim Jong Un, have been seen by critics as controversial. Trump once referred to the dictator of North Korea as a “smart cookie,” which didn’t go over very well at the time.

Donald Trump’s recent tweets addressing Kim Jong Un were meant to slam the dictator over his country’s latest missile tests and while doing this Trump threw out a question. The president asked, “Does this guy have anything better to do with his life?” The floodgates of comparisons busted wide open, and he was saturated with responses that dragged his infatuation with Twitter into the mix.

HuffPost suggests that this question “really didn’t go well.” The tweets themselves appear to be evidence to the HuffPost’s observation as many turned that question around and shot it right back at the president. Still, others answered the question and condemned Kim Jong Un along with Trump, so they weren’t all criticizing the president. Some social media users pointed out that this dictator has these deadly missiles and this is the point people need to concentrate on right now, instead of bashing Trump for his use of Twitter.

Trump’s question was “Does this guy have anything better to do with his life?”

The answers ranged from short and sweet to long and elaborate, as seen in the various tweets below.


Randall g. Arnold tweeted, “@realDonaldTrump today’s automatic winner for best-unattended irony.” The word “irony” was used many times as Trump’s critics were quick to point out that they saw his question as one he needs to ask himself.

As of Sunday afternoon, Trump’s Kim Jung Un tweet had 113k likes, despite the claims of “irony” aimed at the president. The tweet was shared 41k times, and it numbered 28k in comments.

This is nothing new. Trump’s critics have made themselves very well known since he stepped onto the campaign trail. When the president tweeted his first ever Fourth of July message this morning, as Blasting News suggests, the “critics made sure to pile it on.”

Trump tweeted “#HappyIndependenceDay #July4 #USA,” and he attached a video to the tweet. In this video was a choir singing a song with the lyrics “Make America Great Again, ” which of course is Trump’s motto. The tweet is seen below.


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