Oregon Mall Shooting Gunman Identified After Apparent Suicide

The masked gunman, who opened fire in the Clackamas Town Center mall in Portland, Oregon, killing two individuals before killing himself, has been identified by police. However, at this time authorities have not yet released his name.

According to ABC News, the shooter was wearing a white hockey mask, black clothing, and a bullet proof vest as he attacked the mall around 3:30 pm on Tuesday. The gunman entered through a Macy’s store and proceeded to the food court and public areas where he started shooting.

Police have yet to release the names of the deceased.

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department Lt. James Rhodes said that authorities are still in the process of contacting and informing victims’ families.

According to Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts, an injured victim has been transported to a local hospital where she is “fighting for her life.”

Nadia Telguz, a friend of the injured victim, told ABC News affiliate KATU-TV in Portland that the victim is expected to recover.

Telguz said:

“My friend’s sister got shot. She’s on her way to (Oregon Health and Science University hospital). They’re saying she got shot in her side and so it’s not life-threatening, so she’ll be OK.”

Roberts said that police responded to the scene of the shooting within minutes. Upon arrival, four SWAT teams began sweeping the 1.4 million-square-foot building searching for the gunman.


The gunman was eventually found dead due to an apparent suicide.

Rhodes said:

“I can confirm the shooter is dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. By all accounts there were no rounds fired by law enforcement today in the mall.”

Here is ABC News‘ report on the Oregon mall shooting.