July 8, 2016
Kristi Lee Announces Return 'The Bob & Tom Show,' Expects To Be Interrupted On A Regular Basis

Nearly seven months since her mysterious disappearance from the news desk at The Bob & Tom show, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, it has been announced that Kristi Lee will be making her return to the show on Monday, July 11.

The Bob and Tom show posted the following clip on their website on Friday, revealing her triumphant return.

In a surprise announcement by The Bob & Tom Show, Kristi Lee's return is just as mysterious as her leave was. According to WTHR Channel 13, Kristi's return on July 11 will put her back in the studio with Tom Griswold, Chick McGee, Scott Potasnik, and the plethora of comedic guests that grace the interview loft. Although the terms of her return are unknown, the show's co-founder Tom Griswold is happy to have her back on the set.

"It's great to have Kristi back on the show."

It is uncertain whether the Kristi Lee that returns will be more snarky and ready to take on Tom's antics, or if she will resume her previous place of sitting in the background and being interrupted every few sentences. However, whatever her role, she seems to be prepared to take it on.

"I am thrilled to be back on The BOB & TOM Show...even though I fully expect to be interrupted by the boys on a regular basis...again!"

Fans are hopeful that some light will be shed on her departure and that a much different Kristi Lee returns to the show, ready to take on Tom's often annoying banter and put him in his place.

Since her departure, Chick McGee has become the voice of reason on the show, often telling Tom when he steps out of line and attempts to put the show on track. Although, it seldom works. It is hopeful that a tag team between McGee and Lee will set the show back to the quality of its glory days.

It is assumed that co-host Scott Potasnik will remain on the team, providing jabs at Tom and keeping the facts in check. It is unknown if Pat Carlini will remain on staff or return only on a guest-host basis. It might be interesting to have both her and Kristi Lee man the news desk simultaneously, slightly skewing the male to female ratio on the show.

Since she left, The Bob & Tom Show has brought on a plethora of guest hosts, many failing to live up to Kristi's reputation or popularity on the show. Although some came close, they rarely lasted more than a short time. It is hopeful that Kristi's return on the show will be more than just a quick ratings collector and be the real deal for the long haul.

Many fans vocalized their dismay at Kristi Lee's unexpected departure, threatening to stop listening to the show and instead supported her newest venture, Kristi Lee Uninterrupted. It is unknown if an unexpected drop in ratings called for her return to The Bob & Tom Show or if other circumstances are bringing her back.

There has been no announcement as to whether Kristi Lee's podcast will continue or quietly go away.

Regardless of the reason's for Kristi Lee's return, fans are ecstatic and cannot wait to hear her familiar voice on their rides into work in the morning. Although she might be stepping back into the shadow of Tom's control, it is hopeful she will take a step toward the spotlight and prove to The Bob & Tom Show that she is back and ready to reclaim her spot.

[Image via Kristi Lee/Facebook]