Donald Trump-CNN Tweet: Might Get Banned From Twitter, Mental Health Is ‘Genuine Concern,’ Says Julia Gillard

President Donald Trump’s CNN tweet is receiving a lot of heat from people demanding him to be banned from Twitter to raising questions about his mental health. President Trump posted a mock video of himself wrestling CNN over fraud news coverages. The tweet came after multiple postings by Donald Trump over CNN’s coverage of news about him.

Donald Trump’s said tweet has been wildly shared and people are not happy about their president’s behavior. Many called for his account @realDonaldTrump to be banned from Twitter. His recent tweets about Morning Joe hosts Joe and Mika are also questioned.

According to Telegraph, Trump’s Twitter account is in a danger of getting banned for posting the violent video regarding CNN that depicts body slamming and punching the media house for news coverage that he did not like.

“Trump could be stripped of access to his second most important platform after the White House: Twitter. Trump is in danger of being blocked from the 140-character social network, his communication method of choice.”

It is also reported that it is possible that before Donald Trump’s impeachment, his Twitter account will be blocked. The report further stated that Twitter has a stringent policy against hate speech and violent threats.

“You may not make threats of violence or promote violence, including threatening or promoting terrorism. Users cannot engage in the targeted abuse or harassment of others, in particular, if that abuse is one-sided or includes threats.”

It is reported that Donald Trump’s use of Twitter “has hit fever pitch.” The Atlantic has called Trump’s CNN tweet as president’s “celebration of violence.” It added that POTUS is relishing his behavior on social media platform by calling it “modern day presidential.”

In the light of the recent events, former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has raised questions regarding President Donald Trump’s mental health. She said in her recent interview that if Trump continues to behave the same, then people are going to question about his mental health.

donald trump mental health julia gillard former australian prime minister
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“I know that some people in the US, some commentators are not proffering that analysis by way of insult, they’re actually saying it because they are genuinely concerned. From the outside, I think it is very difficult to judge someone else’s mental health … so I think there’s some need for caution here. But I do think if President Trump continues with some of the tweeting etcetera that we’ve seen, that this will be in the dialogue.”

Gillard also said that when she became the first female prime minister, she remained cautious about all kinds of news that are floating over the social media platforms. According to her, she did not allow them to get in her head and slept soundly.

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“As I looked at very negative media headlines – dreadful things on social media – and I did consciously think… How much of this poison gets in my head and stays with me? I’ve got some choices about how much I brood, or whether I go to bed and sleep soundly. I made some very deliberate choices, so I wouldn’t let it get in my head, I would sleep soundly at night.”

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