North Kansas City Man Charged With Raping Family Friends’ 1-Year-Old Baby

Jayson Newlun, a 26-year-old resident of North Kansas City, Missouri, has been charged with statutory sodomy after he was caught sexually assaulting the one-year-old daughter of family friends. The suspect, who was tasked with babysitting the child, received a beating from the victim’s father before he was taken away by police.

Local media station KMBC 9 News reports that Newlun stayed at the home of the victim’s family the night of Thursday, June 29. According to court documents, on June 30, the parents of the 1-year-old girl left to buy groceries. Before the mother and the father left for the store, they asked Newlun to babysit the baby, who was napping at the time.

While at the store, the parents realized that they had forgotten to bring their WIC folder, which contained vouchers they needed to purchase food. Family members told authorities that the parents had been gone for just 10 to 15 minutes. When the child’s mother entered their home, she noticed that Jayson Newlun was no longer on the couch where he had been before she and her husband left. She also noticed that the door to her child’s bedroom was open.

Court documents reveal that the victim’s mother allegedly found Newlun taking an inappropriate photograph of her daughter while kneeling between her legs. She also saw him touching the baby’s private parts while masturbating himself.

The mother ran and alerted her husband, who then tackled Newlun, punched him multiple times and hit him with a dresser drawer. A neighbor reportedly stepped in and stopped the victim’s father from inflicting more harm.

A mug shot of Jayson Newlun shows him with cuts, bruises, and a black eye. The child’s mother told authorities that as she was waiting for them to arrive, she had asked Newlun why he molested her daughter. He reportedly answered that he didn’t know.


“I hope you go down for this,” the baby’s mother reportedly told him.

“I do, too,” he said.

WDAF in Kansas City reports that Jayson Newlun has been detained and that prosecutors have requested a bond of $250,000 for his release. He is currently at the Clay County Detention Center and is expected in court on July 18. Newlun faces at least a decade in prison if found guilty.

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