Mike Rowe Talks New Original Facebook Series, Independence Day

Mike Rowe attends the Paley Center for Media's 2010 gala at Cipriani 42nd Street on April 6, 2010 in New York City.

Mike Rowe took to social media recently to talk about his new original series on Facebook and his thoughts on Independence Day. Best known for his long-running Discovery Channel reality TV series Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe’s last program, Somebody’s Gotta Do It, was canceled just over a year ago due to CNN’s coverage of the ongoing 2016 presidential election. Millions of fans were left disappointed, but Mike Rowe took to his personal Facebook account on Monday to announce a new series that’s set to premiere on the social media giant. Two days ago, Mike Rowe also posted a new video on Facebook with his take on Independence Day.

With a voice that’s unmistakable, Mike Rowe continues his work as a TV narrator on Deadliest Catch, Airplane Repo, and How the Universe Works. But fans really got to know Mike Rowe as host on the popular show Dirty Jobs, where he traveled around the world for years doing jobs alongside people “who aren’t afraid to get dirty.” Dirty Jobs was canceled after eight seasons in 2012, but fans were delighted to learn that Mike Rowe was picked up by CNN to host another similar show titled Somebody’s Gotta Do It in 2014. Unfortunately, Somebody’s Gotta Do It was canceled after 24 episodes, but Mike Rowe regularly keeps his millions of followers updated via social media and his self-titled website.

One fan recently wrote to Mike Rowe commenting on why he had been in Crown Point, to which he replied back in great detail about a new project that apparently “came together very quickly.” Mike Rowe was referring to his new original series called Returning the Favor that Facebook picked up as one of “two new series that will be streamed,” according to Breitbart. Mike Rowe calls Returning the Favor a “non-traditional show” that will air on a “very large platform.” Facebook recently announced its new strategy to launch “original TV content” as soon as late summer, as noted by the Motley Fool. Not much is known about Facebook’s second TV project, but Mike Rowe gave his fans a short rundown of what can be expected from Returning the Favor.

“We’re searching America for better than average citizens, finding out why they do what they do, and then – if all goes as planned – Returning the Favor.”

The 55-year-old former Dirty Jobs host revealed that he has no idea when Returning the Favor will premiere, but he promised to let his nearly 5 million Facebook followers know the second he knows. Fans are already offering suggestions for where Mike Rowe can find “regular people who are doing something decent” to feature on upcoming episodes of Returning the Favor. Overall, fans are just happy to see Mike Rowe “hitting the streets” again and “back to work.”

Mike Rowe, known as a supporter of reinvigorating the skilled trades in the U.S., also took to Facebook recently to show his patriotism with a lengthy video clip on his thoughts about Independence Day. Not wanting to just re-post last year’s Independence Day video, Mike Rowe put together an all-new video for his weekly podcast, The Way I Heard It. This week’s podcast on Sunday, called “Render Unto Caesar,” eventually gets into Delaware Patriot Caesar Rodney’s 70-mile ride through a thunderstorm on July 1, 1776, to vote in favor of Delaware’s independence from Britain.

Rodney was also one of 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, as noted on U.S. History. Rodney’s vote in 1776 was a tie-breaker for Delaware’s independence, and Mike Rowe ended his nearly 10-minute video on Independence Day by quoting Benjamin Franklin — a Founding Father and one of five men who helped draft the Declaration of Independence.

“Gentlemen, if we don’t all hang together we will most assuredly all hang separately.”

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]