‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’ Re-Release Teased, ‘We Are Still Not Alone’ Site Revealed

It has been 40 years since Close Encounters of the Third Kind debuted. Apparently, Sony Pictures took to YouTube to tease what seems to be dialogue and scrambled footage from the old movie, according to Entertainment Weekly. The channel had also been titled the famous “This Means Something” quote uttered by Richard Dreyfuss’ character.

There was also a remarkable upgrade on what an air traffic controller’s screen looks like. In fact, it appears to be a nice three-dimensional layout with some depth to it and some notable additions.

Compared to the original screen from the movie, you can see the plane indicators with clarity and the “UNK” or “unknown” craft approaching the air bus of concern.

The original film starring Dreyfuss and Teri Garr debuted in 1977, and now with it being 2017, it has been 40 years.

The original Close Encounters of the Third Kind movie had parallel stories going on within it, one with scientists researching the globe for evidence of UFOs and then there’s the Neary family situation where Dreyfuss’ character seemingly goes crazy, starts a romance with a woman that has a shared experience with both of them rendezvousing to the point of origin he had envisioned via sculpting a familiar shape through mashed potatoes to a grand scale clay version of a more recognizable model.


What is interesting about this teaser is the fact that as the near collision happens, there is what looks to be a topographical landmark on the air traffic controller’s screen and in sync with that footage. The teaser then switches to Devil’s Tower. This looks to be a nod paying homage to the UFOs rallying point.

There had been some buzz going around about a rumored sequel, according to Bleeding Cool. Also, back in the day, Steven Spielberg did hire on a special effects gentleman to prep up some aliens for a story that would continue beyond the original Close Encounters of the Third Kind movie.


Sony Pictures also revealed the website WeAreStillNotAlone.com where you can fill in basic contact information to be kept in the loop in case other news about Close Encounters is revealed. Hopefully, fans will be able to relive the nostalgia from the 70s on a high definition screen.

[Featured Image by Damian Dovarganes/AP Images]