Abby Lee Miller’s Prison Check-In Was Delayed Due To Medical Reasons, But She’s Out And About In Los Angeles

Former Dance Moms coach Abby Lee Miller was due to begin her one-year-and-a-day prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud on June 30, but received a last-minute reprieve due to the condition of her knee. The reality TV star will instead report to the facility in mid-July. However, her recent antics have fans wondering if she really was “too ill” or injured to make it to prison on time.

Abby Lee Miller posted an X-ray of her injured knee on Instagram right before her prison sentence, proving to fans that she is suffering from her bones in that joint grinding up against one another without cartilage. She even put up a video of herself receiving a pain-relief injection in her knee.

While Abby Lee Miller has suffered from knee issues and injuries in the past, she has been seen all around Los Angeles walking unaided, even though she was evidently “too injured” to attend her prison check-in date on time. This has many fans wondering if it was simply an excuse to avoid serving her full term.

On June 24, six days before her check-in date, Abby Lee Miller was spotted on camera with two parking violations. Just three days earlier, she was seen going out for Italian food and getting a massage to relieve pre-prison tension.

The star also appeared at Travis Wall and Shaping Sound’s After the Curtain, where her ex-student Maddie Ziegler was also spotted. Although in apparent pain, the former reality star was all smiles as she posed for photographs and watched the performance.

Last night, Abby Lee Miller posted an Instagram pic of herself and a possible former student celebrating his 21st birthday. The star stated they would be “painting the town” in celebration and that she was so glad to be with him. However, this had many fans wondering how the Dance Moms alum could possibly “paint the town” if her knee was in such bad shape that she was unable to check into prison on her assigned date.

Abby Lee Miller has been rather candid about her fears of prison and has stated she is concerned about being attacked. But she plans to use her time “on the inside” wisely, as she hopes to write a memoir and learn Spanish.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]