Jill Duggar And Derick Dillard Share Health Updates

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard recently updated fans on the scary health concerns that they’ve both been dealing with.

On the last season of Counting On, Jill Duggar, 26, was informed that she was possibly suffering from a narrowed carotid artery. The Duggar family’s doctor heard a noise while checking her neck with a stethoscope, and he advised her to follow up with a specialist for further testing. On the July 3 episode of Counting On, fans finally learned what Jill found out during her second doctor’s visit.

“We had some wellness checkups while we were back, and Dr. Fedosky said that he heard something in my carotid arteries,” Jill told the Counting On cameras. “He was like, ‘I would recommend that you get an ultrasound of that and make sure that there’s nothing in there, no blockage or anything going on.'”

Derick Dillard admitted that he was “nervous” ahead of his wife’s ultrasound appointment, and Jill did little to allay his fears on the way to the hospital. As they were driving there, she told her husband that her family has a history of aneurysms. Derick tried to get the ultrasound technician to tell him if she saw anything unusual on Jill Duggar’s ultrasound, but the technician told the concerned couple that they would have to wait for the radiologist to look at the images to get a possible diagnosis.

“The anticipation’s driving me crazy,” Derick said. “I was thinking we would get more answers today.”


Derick Dillard was worried about how it would affect his plans to return to El Salvador if Jill Duggar was diagnosed with a serious health issue. The couple does mission work in the country, and Derick planned on taking his pregnant wife back to the mission field for a few weeks before returning to Arkansas for the birth of their baby boy.

“If we find out that there’s something major going on in Jill’s neck, we need to take care of any concerns we might have before going back to Central America.”

The Duggar family’s doctor later shared the results of the ultrasound with Jill and Derick. After a dramatic pause, he informed the couple that it showed no narrowing of the carotid arteries, so they had nothing to worry about. However, Derick hasn’t had as much luck with his own health concerns. One of the Counting On star’s Twitter followers recently asked him whether he has ever figured out what causes him to retch and gag during physical activity, and Derick revealed that he still doesn’t have a diagnosis.

“Nope, it’s still a mystery,” Derick tweeted.

During a previous episode of Counting On, Derick Dillard visited an allergist who discovered that he was allergic to a long list of plants and foods. As the Inquisitr previously reported, she told him that he might be suffering from a condition called eosinophilic esophagitis. However, it seems as though Derick has since learned that this isn’t the case.

Some Duggar fans think Derick’s health would improve if he would set aside his dream of being a missionary, and they expressed concern that he looked too thin during last night’s episode of Counting On.


“Wow what in the world is wrong with Derek he’s almost a skeleton now he’s going back? Stay home sit on the couch eat chips drink soda and gain a few pounds!” wrote one fan on the show’s Facebook page.

However, Derick Dillard doesn’t plan on staying in Arkansas and bulking up by eating bowlfuls of Michelle Duggar’s tater tot casserole; he told the Counting On cameras that he and Jill Duggar are heading back to El Salvador with their growing family soon after the arrival of their second child.

[Featured Image by Jill Duggar/Instagram]