Brian Okam Explains The Worst Free Throw Attempt Ever

Brian Okam is not a household name in college basketball — or at least he wasn’t prior to Saturday.

The Appalachian State backup center, however, gained near instant fame in the media and across the internet for what is considered the worst free throw attempt ever on Saturday in a game against Western Carolina. The air ball was rebounded by a teammate after it fell about 10 feet short of the rim. The YouTube video of Okam’s free throw attempt has now received almost 10 million hits. Western Carolina defeated Appalachian State in the game 70-64.

Okam was one of the country’s top high school prospects according to ESPN.

Appalachian State University (located in Boone, North Carolina) is at the moment not making Okam available for interviews about what could be the worst foul shot of all time. Yahoo! Sports did obtain a statement released through the school’s public relations office purportedly made by Okam:

“I hit the first shot and on the second, it was just one of those crazy things where the ball slips out of your hand. Obviously a lot of folks have seen it and it’s gotten a lot of attention, but I’m just focused on moving ahead with final exams this week and getting back on the winning track.

“You look back at it and laugh a little bit for sure, but it’s not something that will be in my mind the next time I step to the free-throw line.”

Do you think Brian Okam will really be able to forget about the incident the next time he steps to the charity stripe to attempt a free throw in a game situation?