Jenelle Evans Reignites Pregnancy Rumors With Suspicious Snapchat

Is Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans pregnant with baby number four? Some fans are pretty certain that the controversial reality star is refusing to admit she’s with child, just as she did with her daughter Ensley.

Jenelle Evans recently told E! Online that she and her fiancé, David Eason, were done having kids, but that doesn’t mean that accidents can’t happen.

The reality TV star denied that she was pregnant with daughter Ensley for several months–even after her mother and crew members of the TV show asked her if she was with child. She only relented after she was in a car accident, and the report came back detailing that as the passenger, she was several months pregnant.

Fans have grown suspicious of Jenelle Evans for a while, and recently she posted a photo of herself touting a brand of slimming tea without showing her abdomen area. As Jenelle typically has a pretty taut stomach and is very in shape, fans found omitting her stomach to sell the tea rather suspicious.

Yesterday, to celebrate the 4th of July, Jenelle Evans posted a snap for her fans on Snapchat that made her stomach look to be more rounded than it typically is.

Jenelle Evans poses for a Snapchat photo
Jenelle Evans poses for a Snapchat photo [Image by Jenelle Evans/Snapchat]

Thus far, Jenelle Evans has made no mention or acknowledgment of the photo.

Potential pregnancy aside, July is a big month for Jenelle Evans, who is releasing her first book later this month. She promises that the new memoir will offer fans insight into her life that they have previously not seen. In the book, she gets candid about her relationship to heroin and the fact that at one point, she was shooting up four to five times a day. It was her love affair with the drug that ultimately cost her primary custodianship of her eldest son, Jace.

Jenelle Evans has also stated that the book will show fans a different side of her mother, Barbara, and that they will finally get to see things from her perspective. Jenelle and her mother have been at odds for several years due to the fact that Barbara is the primary custodian of Jace and Jenelle feels it is time she is able to raise him by herself.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]