‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin Stuns Everyone When He Returns Home — What Will Happen To Charlotte?

Actor James Patrick Stuart’s return to General Hospital is highly anticipated. He has been off screen for a few weeks now, but he is finally coming back to his role as Valentin Cassadine very soon. Most people in Port Charles will not be happy to see him, except for his daughter, Charlotte. Will she leave her new home with Lulu to go back with her papa?

Valentin is supposed to be sitting in a jail cell waiting to go to trial. However, something is about to change. On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Nina received a shocking phone call from her husband. She was clearly not expecting this. She had just signed divorce papers, but Soap Central suggests that she will suspect that there is something more going on with Valentin than meets the eye. This could mean a reconciliation is happening soon.

Valentin will somehow receive a get out of jail card. Did he make a deal with the WSB? Did Alex have something to do with it? It should all be explained soon enough once he gets back to Port Charles. Unfortunately, his return will cause problems for Lulu Falconeri. She is happy and content with having Charlotte living with her now. She and Dante are a family of four, and they will not be expecting Valentin to once again interrupt their lives.


Charlotte has been asking when her papa will return. She misses him terribly. His return will definitely stun Lulu as she thinks that he will be in prison for a very long time. Valentin is expected to show up on her doorstep to claim his daughter just when Charlotte was getting used to being in this new family.

General Hospital spoilers have also said that the little girl will start to bond with Dante. He has stood by Lulu throughout the custody process and is now enjoying having a daughter around the house. Rocco is also getting used to having a sister around to play with. Will Valentin destroy this family when he returns?

General Hospital actor
Look for Valentin to return soon [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images}

There is always a possibility that as much as Charlotte misses her daddy, she may not be quite so eager to go back to Wyndemere with him. She could be torn between him and her mom. One thing is for sure: One of them will be heartbroken to lose their daughter. Valentin was always playing on Lulu’s feelings for their child before he was arrested. Could he somehow have a change of heart when he comes back to General Hospital?


Now more than ever, Lulu will be fighting for her daughter. Nina may also have a change of heart and get back together with Valentin. Will Nina stand by her man to get his daughter back with him? Two families may just be battling it out over one little girl who seems to adore all of them.

Do you think Charlotte should stay with Dante and Lulu, or would she be better off living back with her papa and possibly Nina? General Hospital will return with new episodes on Wednesday.

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