Parents Leave A 5-Month-Old Baby In A Hot Car To Buy Groceries, Police Let Parents Off With A ‘Stern’ Warning

A 5-month-old baby was allegedly left locked inside a hot car parked outside a grocery store, while the parents shopped, Mirror reported on Monday. Shoppers spotted the infant and alerted the grocery store employees and the police in an attempt to prevent a tragedy.

According to the report, customers of the grocery store claimed that the infant was crying inside the car. One witness said she looked in the window and saw a baby with a blanket over its head and the door was locked. The window of the car was slightly down which allowed some air flow inside the car.

One of the shoppers alerted the police about the trapped infant, stating the child was upset and waited by the car until the parents came back to the car.

According to Gloucestershire Live, a shopper posted to the Facebook page Spotted: Quedgeley, Kingsway, and Hardwicke about the incident. The members of the social media group couldn’t believe that someone would leave their baby in the car to buy groceries.

One person posted that they would have broken a window to get the baby out of the hot car. Nearly every single member of the group thanked the shopper who called the police and stayed with the baby outside the car. The members couldn’t believe the parents would leave a small baby strapped in a car seat while they went to buy food. They hoped the parents would face criminal charges.


The Gloucestershire Constabulary spokesperson confirmed that a customer called the police and stayed near the car until law enforcement arrived. The cops talked to the parents about the incident, but since the baby was unharmed, they didn’t issue a ticket or arrest the parents.

As you can imagine, many people think that the parents should have suffered some type of consequence for leaving their baby in the car alone in a hot car. However, law enforcement seemed confident that the parents learned their lesson and would never leave their child in a hot car.

baby hot car
A 5-month-old baby was allegedly left inside a lock hot car while parents shopped. [Image by Gayvoronskaya_Yana/Shutterstock]

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