Amber Rose Gets Shut Down On Social Media As She Attempts To Laugh Off Haters

Amber Rose proved she is not afraid to address her haters as she laughs them off in a recent Instagram post, but her followers were quick to shut her down.

The 33-year-old posted a photo of herself laughing and clapping her hands with the caption calling out those who call her a gold digger and shame her sexuality.

Despite Amber’s attempt to make light of people’s opinions of her behavior, more than a few of her 15.5 million followers took to the comment section to contradict her caption.

One Instagram user said Rose’s haters are not “accusing” her of being promiscuous and a gold digger, but are instead stating facts.

It was then suggested Amber is the one who is in the wrong as she disagrees with her haters.

“Maybe everyone is right and you’re the one lying……”

And it didn’t end there as more and more people took to leaving their opinion on the June 30 post. As the comments continued, one person suggested Amber must be delusional as she defends her scandalous behavior and racy photos.

“Either you got mental issues or you delusional.”

Some commenters weren’t so subtle in throwing shade as they simply wrote, “that’s exactly what you are” in response to Amber’s photo.

However, Rose’s loyal fans also took to leaving comments on the post as they told her how beautiful her smile is and how much she inspires them.

“Beautiful.. love your free spirit too.”

Others stated Amber makes more money than her current romantic interest, rapper 21 Savage, so they find it strange her haters are referring to her as a gold digger in the first place.

Obviously, the former stripper has plenty of support to combat the naysayers as she continues to post provocative images online and make headlines with her dramatic dating life.

In fact, Amber stirred up her haters earlier in June after posting a bottomless photo of herself to Instagram. This was perhaps the most risqué image the mother of one has ever shared as it was quickly deleted by the social media platform.

Amber Rose laughs at haters and slut-shamers in recent Instagram post
[Image by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images]

Amber didn’t mind, however, as her goal of promoting female empowerment was accomplished by the stories the post generated.

People magazine reported on the controversial photo as Rose used it to bring awareness to her next SlutWalk.

“Amber Rose made a splash on social media Friday night, posting a pantless (and VERY NSFW) photo to promote her third annual SlutWalk.”

It’s actions such as this one that have led to Amber having no shortage of haters and supporters as she continues to push industry standards on what’s deemed acceptable sexuality.

In response to Instagram removing her NSFW photo, Rose also shared a reaction video on her account stating the following.

“When IG deletes ur fire a– feminist post but you really don’t give a f— because everyone picked it up already.”

Despite the constant attention from haters, it seems Amber isn’t letting them get her down as she once again proves she can smile through it all.

[Featured Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]