Brian Austin Green Making His Return To Television With ‘Wedding Band’

Brian Austin Green grew up on television — literally — as he spent his formative years of the cast of Beverly Hills 90210, and now he’s headed back in the new TBS sitcom Wedding Band.

The 39-year-old actor, who just welcomed a new baby boy with wife Megan Fox in September, is headed back in a leading role on television, News AU reports. He will play Tommy, a singer and guitarist in the show about a band called Mother of the Bride, a group of four friends who are trying to hit it big as rock stars.

In the meantime, Brian Austin Green has been keeping busy with his new son, Noah. Though this is his second time around with a newborn, it’s been 10 years since his first child with former wife Vanessa Marcil.

“I require a lot more sleep than I did back then,” Green says. “Our son is doing great. He’s such a huge addition to our life. He’s amazing and we’re so blessed and so happy.”

Brian Austin-Green and Megan Fox have played the part of busy but happy parents, the Daily Mail reported. Though they both have said it’s trying having a newborn in the house, they have still made time for family outings.

The leading spot on television could be a career boost for Brian Austin Green, who has seen his wife’s career skyrocket with the Transformer series while he has struggled to find a permanent place on television. Green has done a number of television projects including as resistance fighter Derek Reese in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Metallo in Superman saga Smallville, and Keith Watson in Desperate Housewives but nothing long-term.

Green said he almost turned down Wedding Band.

“When they (creators/executive producers Josh Lobis and Darin Moiselle) asked me to come in and test, I immediately put the brakes on the whole situation,” Brian Austin-Green said. “I was really unsure. It seems like a million music shows are coming on TV and, for the most part, aren’t done that well.

“If I was going to consider it, the most important thing was the characters, the writing and the comedy.”

Brian Austin Green can be seen on Wedding Band on Saturdays on TBS.