Jessa Duggar Shares What It’s Like To Raise Two Kids—Does Ben Have A Job?

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald welcomed their second baby earlier this year. A few months since then, Jessa shares how her usual day goes on raising two babies.

In a sneak peek for Counting On via People, Jessa said she somehow expected things to be extra challenging going from one to two kids. But each day is different, she added. Some days are simple while some days are a little more chaotic with two babies under the age of 2. Ben also said their house has been busier than usual since baby Henry was born.

Their first-born, Spurgeon, is also experiencing major adjustments. Jessa shared that he has always been a cuddly baby, and with Henry, Spurgeon has to share his mommy’s lap. They take turns as well, such as when Henry has to eat, Spurgeon would just have to sit beside Jessa.

“But I think he’s doing pretty well.”

Ben is back to work, so taking care of the two kids is all on Jessa. But thanks to her baby carrier, it has become easier for her to attend to both kids.

“I love my baby carrier. I think that was one of the best gifts that I received. I can put Henry in the baby carrier and then be able to still carry Spurgeon around some and care for him easier.”

Speaking about Ben’s job, fans have been wondering how he is supporting his family now that they have two children. Earlier this year, Ben landed a preaching job, She Knows reported. Still, many people believe relying on this and their reality show Counting On is not enough. This is why rumors floated around that there has been a feud in the Duggar family. Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar’s husband, reportedly slammed Derick Dillard, Jill’s husband, for not working.

Meanwhile, one-and-a-half-year-old Spurgeon just got his first haircut. The family posted his photo on the Duggar family’s official website and said they just trimmed some inches but did not cut off all her curls. Fans have mixed reactions, with some commenting that they should have made it shorter so he does not look like a girl while others said he looks nice with his new haircut.

Last week’s episode of Counting On featured Jessa giving birth to baby Henry. The Duggar family comes to support Jessa during her labor back in February, which went better than her first time when she was rushed to the hospital due to prolonged labor and blood loss. The family prepared for the worst case birth scenario, but unlike the first time, Jessa’s labor only lasted for a few hours.

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