Who Is Dr. Umar Johnson? Here’s A Few Things You Need To Know About The Controversial “Pan Afrikanist”

On Twitter today, there are a number of people talking about Dr. Umar Johnson, a so-called “Pan Afrikanist” who is also a school psychologist, a motivational speaker, and the creator of the National Independent Black Parent Association.

Many people, per the trending topic, were concerned because Dr. Umar Johnson went on The Breakfast Club two days ago and talked about how he was against interracial dating. This, according to people who listened to the interview, is nothing if not controversial.

But there are other reasons why people don’t like Dr. Umar Johnson and find him to be a bit of a fraud and a hypocrite.

Dr. Umar Johnson went off the rails against his former “conscious comrade,” Dr. Seti

Dr. Umar Johnson is a self-professed leader of the so-called “woke” movement, but according to The Root, he was rather “sleep” when he went on a profanity-laced tirade against Dr. Seti. Claiming that he was a broke “n-word” who lived with his mother, Johnson hurled what was — in his mind — the worst insult against Dr. Seti: that he was a “white man” (actually, a derogatory word for white men) because he’s a light-skinned black man, rather than a dark-skinned one like Johnson.

However, Dr. Umar Johnson has no room to talk about Seti.

“Seti could have noted that Johnson rose to fame only after an appearance on the popular New York morning radio show The Breakfast Club, in which he questioned special education in the public school system and noted that he was on his way to building a school for black boys until a conscious stripper destroyed his empire. I’m not making this up. Side note: Is Hotep beef veggie patties? Is it soy beef?”

Dr. Umar Johnson is a raging homophobe

Dr. Umar Johnson claims to be a “woke” brother who wants to help the plight of black people in America, but he’s also — according to a journalist from the Pittsburgh Courier who attended one of his lectures — a raging homophobe. He said that while he claims to “love” his LGBTQ brothers and sisters, he also believes that they’re a “disease” to the black community.

“Though Johnson stated that he ‘loves’ our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, he cannot condone their actions because not only is homosexuality a ‘cancer on the Black community,’ it also, along with abortion and interracial marriage, is a tool that will ultimately dismantle the Black race. Also, to be accepting and/or tolerant of the LGBTQ movement is to simultaneously be in compliance with criminal acts such as bestiality and pedophilia.”

Some people think Dr. Umar Johnson is a “response” to President Donald Trump, even though a stripper brought down his entire empire

Since people are outraged by Dr. Umar Johnson’s latest statements, according to Madame Noire, he’s a “response” to President Donald Trump and the alt-right. There is no shortage of crime, as of late, that can be credited to the alt-right, and Madame Noire says that for this reason, Dr. Umar Johnson’s voice of the so-called “ankh right” is much-needed and the perfect response.

“With Kim Burrell and other members of the Black church comfortably taking a hard line against homosexuality; with Donald Trump threatening to roll back every progress made in this country; and with mainstream and predominately White media outlets waiting to hop on the next Black voice who can gin up controversy and ratings (ahem, Stacey Dash and Raven Simone), we have to understand that fight against all of the -isms, is a battle for hearts and minds. And the more we dismiss them as irrelevant or mere jokes, the more we alienate – and in some instances further marginalize – people like our favorite uncles, brothers, fathers and even sisters too and the less they will be willing to hear through the ankh-right’s bulls–t.”

The woman in the picture is a stripper by the name of Khym Ringgold, a stripper from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who has been “exposing” Dr. Umar Johnson for a while now in a series of videos, photos, and tweets.

She goes by the name “Conscious Stripper” on social media, and she’s claimed that they’ve been having an affair for a number of years. She also is responsible, according to some critics, for “bringing down” Dr. Umar Johnson’s empire.

What do you think of Dr. Umar Johnson?

[Featured Image by The Breakfast Club]