Donald J. Trump Uses Wrestling Reference For ‘Fraud News,’ WWE Hall of Famer Responds In Disgust

President Donald Trump has been quite flippant when it comes to expressing his views on the media, especially about CNN. Calling the reports of the popular media journalism company “fake news,” now turned to “fraud news,” Trump has no issue spending his time pounding that into the heads of the American people.

In fact, Trump has been very vocal about what a typical day consists of regarding the media. Based on an interview earlier this year, Fortune reported that he starts his day by looking at the television for media journalism outlets, along with three newspapers. He also follows this routine as he goes to bed in the evening.

Starting his day at 6 a.m., Trump strolls over to the dining room of the West Wing to watch cable media journalism. Then, the firestorm of tweets begins, as viewers can see daily. Seemingly, he spends most of his time bashing the media rather than promising the American people that serious issues are going to be handled.

Most recently, Trump used a GIF that showed the CNN logo replacing the head of Vince McMahon from a video of when he tackled and punched McMahon during the match at WrestleMania 23 between Bobby Lashley and Umaga.


Very unhappy at this gesture, WWE Hall of Famer Amy “Lita” Dumas went to Twitter to show her disgust.

Lita stated, “Absurd that this is supposed to be our country’s example of a leader. #Facepalm”

After being released from the WWE following a commentating role on pre-shows, it was recently announced that she will make her return to accompany Jim Ross in the booth for the inaugural Mae Young Classic.


Lita has not been one to post frequent tweets regarding politics. However, she could not resist sharing her feelings when it comes to Trump using a video of a WrestleMania moment for the purpose of bashing a media outlet. Regardless of her personal views, she, along with my others, have shown a level of disgust from the president’s Twitter expressions. Despite this, it is highly unlikely that the tweets will end anytime soon.

[Featured Image by WWE]