Rain On A Plane? Delta Coach Passengers Startled By Liquid Oozing From Ceiling During A Domestic Flight

The backs of passengers heads aboard a commercial flight

You’ve heard of snakes on a plane, but what about rain aboard a commercial flight?

Apparently, passengers on a Delta Airlines jet had their party rained on recently after being startled by oozing liquid pouring from the ceiling in the passenger compartment. Add this to your growing list of sensational in-flight stories.

This strange news story took place last Friday aboard a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Friday, according to AOL News. A video emerged of a passenger, Tom McCullough, taking the brunt of an onboard shower, courtesy of the coach section.

McCullough’s son, Tommy, posted the video on social media of his father’s heroic efforts to contain the rain — assuming that’s what the oozing fluid was dripping out of the ceiling just above his head.

Without an umbrella at the ready and no previous warnings from the National Weather Service of scattered showers aboard the Delta flight, Tom commandeered the next best thing nearby: in-flight magazines.

Reportedly, the surprise waterfall lasted for most of the flight. However, Tom took things in stride, despite getting his shorts waterlogged from the downpour. Thankfully, the water was condensation from a faulty AC system.

If you’re a sky hawk who braves busy airport terminals and creepy pat downs by TSA staff or you’ve managed to catch a glimpse of breaking news stories, you’ve quickly learned there are no shortages of noteworthy airline tales — from the dark side.

Like the time United Airlines banned leggings on a commercial flight. Back in March, United staff reportedly singled out two passengers who were using the company’s “buddy passes.” The airliner used a loophole in its policy to ban the women, saying they had the right to invoke its dress code as it would do for employees using the discount passes.

And who can forget the recent debacle (United again) involving passenger, David Dao? A video surfaced of the moment private security retained by the airline forcibly removed Dr. Dao for not voluntarily giving up his seat on an “overbooked flight.”

The footage of the violent encounter went viral and shows Dao’s bloodied face in the aftermath of the encounter with the officers. Reportedly, he’s since settled the civil matter for an undisclosed amount in the wake of a global backlash on social media.

For the man’s troubles from the recent complimentary coach shower, Delta officials apologized and offered him a “less than ideal” $100 voucher — a mere 10 percent of his total airfare of $1,800.

Based on Tom’s accounts, at least six other passengers were dampened by the experience. There’s no word on how company officials addressed their concerns for raining on their parade.

As the idiom goes: When it rains, it pours — even on Delta Airlines flights.

[Featured Image by Nomad_Soul/Shutterstock]