Amber Rose Introduces 21 Savage To Parents, Relationship Turns Serious After Dating Phase

Amber Rose isn’t wasting time when it comes to her romance with 21 Savage, having already introduced the rapper to her mother, sources reveal.

TMZ reports that even though Amber Rose has only been seeing the “X” hitmaker for a few weeks, she’s head over heels in love with him and saw no reason why she should wait before introducing him to her parents.

Amber Rose, who has openly claimed to have remained single for the past eight months, is finally ready to start dating again, and now that she has formed such a close relationship with her new man, she knows he’s the right one for her.

Sources tell TMZ that Amber and 21 Savage are inseparable from one another; they do everything together.

It’s even believed that the rap star is living with Amber Rose, where he’s supposedly been staying for the past two weeks. Moreover, if that wasn’t enough, the 24-year-old has also been introduced to Amber’s son, Sebastien, whom she shares with rap superstar Wiz Khalifa.

An insider notes that Amber Rose would never make a move and introduce a boyfriend to her parents, let alone her son if she didn’t see herself having a future with that particular person.

Though she’s only been seeing 21 Savage for a couple of weeks, they’ve been living together since late June and judging by how things have been going, Amber Rose is clearly under the impression that her new man is the one she wants to settle down with.

A source goes on to explain how Amber Rose is annoyed by the some of the comments she had read online about the wide age gap between herself and 21 Savage. She’s nine years older than him.

Amber Rose is supposedly telling family and friends that her age shouldn’t play a role in her relationship with the rapper, noting that when she was dating Kanye West, who is seven years older than her, nobody said a thing.

The mother-of-one isn’t that bothered about comments that people have made about her on social media, with people claiming that the romance is a publicity stunt.

Amber Rose’s response, so that is that she has already introduced her beau to her son — she would’ve never done that had it just been a publicity stunt romance.

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