Mariah Carey’s Credit Card Allegedly Declined During Shopping Spree: Singer Going Broke?

Mariah Carey was left utterly embarrassed when her credit card was declined during a recent shopping spree in Beverly Hills, it’s been reported.

According to Radar Online, the “We Belong Together” star was treating herself at several designers stores, only to be told that her credit card was refusing to cover the hefty bill she had forked up with the items she planned on taking home with her.

Mariah Carey was accompanied by her assistant, Stella Bulochnikov, who tried to handle the matter in an instant, but it turned out that resolving the problem was going to take longer than they thought.

Sources claim that when it first happened, Mariah Carey was convinced that there was some sort of technical glitch, so she headed to another store to use the credit card again. However, it turns out it was actually the balance on her account that was the issue.

Mariah Carey, who has sold over 250 million records worldwide, couldn’t believe the shock upon seeing that the card was declined yet again, feeling even more embarrassed when the same issue arose.

Insiders reveal that Mariah was desperate to make an exit before photographers would crowd around the store and see her struggling to make a payment with her credit card, so she ended up managing to clear the balance in cash.

Still, Carey was furious that she had humiliated herself in the Beverly Hills stores, where she’s known to be a regular shopper.

In the midst of dealing with the credit card drama, Mariah Carey has faced a substantial amount of bad press lately.

Will Ferrell blasted the singer for being a diva during a scene she was supposed to star in for the actor’s new movie, The House.

Due to her alleged demands to change the script to how she wanted to be portrayed at the very last minute, the film crew became so frustrated dealing with Mariah Carey that they decided to cancel the entire scene.

Ferrell confirmed the reports on Watch What What Happens Live! earlier this week, noting that the outrageous behavior Mariah Carey had shown on set was incredibly unprofessional, leaving producers no choice but to scrap the comedy segment they had planned to shoot with the singer, People reveals.

[Featured Image by Mark Thompson/Getty Images]