Here’s What Actually Happened While Stone Cold Was Backstage At ‘Monday Night Raw’ Last Week

Last week, there was speculation about Stone Cold Steve Austin making his WWE return to Monday Night Raw for his first appearance in roughly two years. Unfortunately, the WWE Universe was left disappointed because The Texas Rattlesnake was absent from the show entirely. However, there were some creative plans in place for Austin to appear on Raw, but WWE officials ultimately decided it wasn’t right for him to appear.

The rumor began because WWE has begun selling “Los Angeles 3:16” in the Staples Center for Raw. It was quickly reported that this has become a common item sold during WWE live events, so it did not specifically confirm the return of Stone Cold to WWE television. However, it’s being reported that Austin was backstage for some time before last week’s edition, but he left several hours before Raw began in the Staples Center.

Apparently, WWE officials were planning for Stone Cold to get involved in the Lavar Ball segment with The Miz last week, which would have generated even more buzz for the company. Austin was said to be into the idea, but Lavar’s representatives turned it down. Some other ideas and segments were pitched to him, but it was decided that Stone Cold would be better off not making an appearance on Monday Night Raw at all.

The Miz Did Everything He Could to Save the Lavar Ball Segment
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Stone Cold takes his character seriously, so he’s not interested in making appearances on WWE television to just be on Raw or SmackDown Live for a “fluff” segment. He feels that it weakens the impact of the “Stone Cold” character when he does appear on WWE programming. However, he will make an appearance for a hot angle, but he won’t bother if it doesn’t mean something. That explains why he was willing to do the Ball segment with The Miz but wouldn’t participate in any other ideas thrown together by the powers that be.

Real Reason Why Stone Cold Returned to Raw Last Night
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While The Texas Rattlesnake was backstage, he was able to catch up with some old friends and network for new guests on his podcast. The WWE Universe will remain disappointed because Stone Cold did not appear on screen last week. It’s unlikely he will make an appearance on WWE television for quite some time, but he will always be a part of the WWE family. The WWE Universe will always want to see Stone Cold back inside a WWE ring, but we will need to remain patient until all the stars align for Austin to make a bigger impact.

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