Deadly Oregon Mall Shooting: Twitter Reacts

UPDATE, 8:45 PM EST: Local law enforcement reports that the Oregon mall shooting leaves three dead, and that the shooter has been killed.

A deadly Oregon mall shooting this evening in the Portland area has killed at least one person during the busy Christmas shopping season, and authorities say the shooter has “been neutralized.”

Exact casualties in the Oregon mall shooting have not yet been determined, and it is not known if the shooter is among the dead. The shooting was first reported at about 3:30 PM local time, 6:30 PM EST.

The Oregon mall shooting occurred at the Clackamas Town Center, and “multiple victims” were reportedly wounded before the shooter stopped firing. A local news source spoke to first responders, who explain that while they cannot disclose certain specifics as the situation is assessed, the scene has been secured and the shooter is no longer a threat:

“Brandon Paxton with the Clackamas Fire District No. 1 said that multiple people had been shot, but did not have an exact number. Dispatchers with the Clackamas County Department of Communications said the shooting was first reported at 3:30 p.m … Witnesses inside the mall reported hearing multiple gunshots, anywhere from 15 to 20 or even more. The town center was evacuated and placed on lockdown. Three triage areas have been set up near the mall’s movie theater.”

Kiosk employee Mario was working when the Oregon mall shooting began, and he describes a scene of chaos:

“At first no one really knew what was going down … We heard six shots at first, and then people scattered like crazy, everybody left.”

Another witness explains that those in the Clackamas Town Center were confused as to where the shots were originating:

“The shots were really loud and really scary… It was echoing all through the mall, so nobody knew where it was coming from at first.”

Twitter was one of the first to carry reports of the Oregon mall shooter, with early warnings reading:

Another read:

Anderson Cooper quoted another Clackamas Town Center shooting witness, who reported:

An ABC affiliate recently updated the Oregon mall shooting death count, confirming:

Police have not disclosed possible motive in the Oregon mall shooting at this stage of the investigation.