Trump: ‘Help Charlie Gard Per Pope Francis’ – Trump’s Twitter Turns To #CharlieGard Amid WWE Video Controversy

Two days after President Donald Trump was photographed in the bathroom by an Instagram user, and one day following Trump’s explosive tweet showing a video of Trump slamming a CNN logo-imposed man to the ground, as reported by the Inquisitr, Trump has turned to Twitter to bring attention to the plight of Charlie Gard.

As seen in the following tweet from President Trump’s account, the POTUS wondered aloud if Gard could be helped via “friends in the U.K.” and per the pleas of Pope Francis, who Trump met earlier this year and received ribbing from when the pope asked Melania what she feeds her husband before blessing Melania’s rosary.

Trump Used Twitter To Offer Help For Charlie Gard, Terminally Ill 10-Month-Old Baby

As reported by the Telegraph, Charlie has brain damage from a rare genetic condition. Charlie’s parents are Connie Yates and Chris Gard, a couple who is spending all the time they can with their son prior to the baby’s life support being shut off. As seen in the below photos, Connie and Chris left the Royal Courts of Justice in the midst of a dispute about Charlie’s life support. The photos were captured on April 3, 2017, in London.

Charlie’s mitochondrial disease became the center of a dispute when Gard’s parents desired to take their baby Charlie to the United States to try a trial-basis therapy. However, the couple lost their fight when it was deemed that the experimental treatment would not help. After losing their healthcare battle for their baby son, Connie and Chris released a video that said Charlie is expected to die Friday.

As seen in the above video, Gard’s parents said they can’t even take their baby Charlie home to die.

The tweet shows President Trump offering help from the U.S. for Charlie. As reported by the Guardian, Pope Francis supported the parents’ decision, asking that the courts allow them to do everything possible to save their baby Charlie.

Charlie’s Parents Not Being Allowed To Take Their Baby Boy Home To Die

Charlie’s parents are seen in the above emotional video, saying that they were denied the option to take Charlie home and give him a bath and rest in bed with him during Charlie’s final moments of life.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]