How Far Would You Travel For A Tinder Date? One Women Flew 1,000 Miles, Now She’s Getting Married

Tinder now brings together people from different U.S. states! The dating app that is meant to help you hook up with people in the nearby vicinity brought together two women living in two different states.

Katie Shaffstall, from Las Vegas, Nevada, swiped right on Kelley Johns, from Denver, Colorado, via Tinder and ended up traveling nearly 1,000 miles to meet her in person.

Tinder, which allows finding matches at the maximum search distances of 100 miles, worked wonders in 2014, and the two women are now getting married!

An accidental Tinder swipe while using a phone out of boredom at a Denver airport led to a one-of-a-kind Tinder match between two women from different states.

As she waited to become airborne, Katie launched Tinder on her phone, and all she did was accidentally swipe right on a woman called Kelley before putting her phone away.

Katie even forgot that she had been using Tinder at the airport so when she arrived home in Los Angeles a few hours later she was surprised to find out that the same woman swiped “yes” on her profile as well.

Kelley, meanwhile, was near the airport and swiped right on Katie. The bizarre encounter took place back in 2014. Fast forward three years, the two women are getting married after that accidental, boredom-induced swipe!

After realizing that they were in a Tinder chat together, Katie never expected to meet Kelley, nearly 1,000 miles away, in person. However, the two women got carried away with their conversation, and Katie eventually moved to the Midwest to propose to her girlfriend on Christmas Day.

Both Katie and Kelley found it quite amusing that Tinder, which is supposed to find potential love partners in the nearby vicinity, allowed them to swipe right on one another even though Katie’s swipe was accidental and she was on her way home, which is nearly a thousand miles away from where the two women matched on the dating app.

Katie swiped right on Kelley and ended up traveling nearly 1,000 miles to meet her in person.

The most bizarre thing is that Katie never even left the airport in Denver, where she matched with Kelley, as she was simply on the runway for an hour after her family holiday in Branson, Missouri.

Katie admits to the Daily Mail that she was “messing around” on Tinder while on the flight just because she was bored.

Moreover, the thing is that Katie had never found success on Tinder before, as the woman says she had never met a partner in her hometown. So the idea of meeting Kelley, more than 900 miles away, was exciting.

Over a year after chatting on Tinder, Katie decided to travel to Denver to finally meet Kelley in person. Katie laughs that she might be the first Tinder user who has traveled 1,000 miles to meet someone after swiping right.

Katie, who says she was “really crushing” on Kelley, arrived in Denver in October, 2015, and the 30-year-old woman admits what it was that she “loved so much” about her bizarre Tinder match.

“She was just so kind, and funny and inspirational.”

When Katie returned home, she realized that she wanted to be with Kelley at all costs, so she decided to quit her job in medical device sales in L.A. and in October 2016 she moved to Colorado.

Over a year after chatting on Tinder, Katie decided to travel to Denver to finally meet Kelley in person.

On Christmas Day in 2016, Katie proposed to Kelley. The two women are going to marry in Breckenridge, Colorado, in June 2018.

Although Katie and Kelley may not find this useful – now that they’re getting married thanks to Tinder – the dating app has recently announced a new subscription called Tinder Gold, according to Tech Crunch.

Tinder Gold will allow users to see all those who have already swiped right on their profile. The new subscription is coming to Argentina, Australia, Canada, and Mexico, but won’t be available in the U.S. for some time.

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