There Are Babies On Twitter That Look Like John Legend, And They’re Adorable

Babies that look like John Legend

Whatever your opinion of John Legend’s music, you can definitely agree that he’s baby-faced. So baby-faced, in fact, that there have been a few babies popping up on Twitter that look exactly like him, and let’s just say Chrissy Teigen should have some questions!

As we all already know, John Legend has a daughter — Luna Simone Stephens — with Chrissy Teigen, and she just turned one. According to E! News, he’s so in love with Luna that he’d like to have more babies with Teigen.

“We want to have more,” he told E! News at the 48th Annual NAACP Image Awards this weekend, opening up about the IVF process. “We had a hard time doing it ourselves, so we got some help. It resulted in Luna and hopefully it will result in a couple more kids in the future.”

It seems as though Legend and Teigen didn’t mind that they needed a little help getting Luna here because they love her all the same.

But it seems as though there are some babies that look exactly like John Legend — so much so that they’ve created a whole Twitter trending topic about the matter, and even posted photos of their adorable tykes to prove it!

Let’s start with this little one. As Jack Mull asks, “How can this baby look more like John Legend than John Legend does?”

That photo sparked this one.

Then came a woman who posted a video of her nephew.

And then another baby who looks suspiciously like the “All of Me” singer.

Some people took the tweets seriously, saying that people were “fishing for retweets” because there was no way John Legend could cheat on Chrissy Teigen (and they’re right, he wouldn’t). Some people played along with the joke and said that Legend probably “hit a rough patch” while he was in college and sold his sperm to a bank.

Still others suggested that the reason all these babies looked like John Legend was that John Legend, himself, looks like a baby.

And this was an assessment that John Legend himself agreed with.

Do you think all these babies look like John Legend? Do you know a baby that looks like John Legend? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for 2017 ESSENCE Festival]