Jessica Collins Facebook Photos: 27-Year-Old Mom Of Six Says She Fought Off Hispanic Male With Car Keys

Photos from the Facebook page of Jessica Collins are going viral on Monday, July 3, with more than 67,000 shares on the social networking site and growing for one popular post. Uploaded to Facebook on June 30 at 4:48 a.m., the photos show Collins, 27, with a bloody nose and holding a bloody key in another. Those are the keys that Jessica said she used to fight off a man at her apartment complex in the wee hours of the morning on Friday.

According to Jessica’s Facebook page, Collins hails from Amarillo, Texas, but it isn’t clear where the attack happened. What is clear is that Jessica is getting attention for the lesson she wants to spread. Collins said she learned via her mother from a documentary on self-defense to carry keys between the fingers, as shown in the below photo, in order to be ready to strike back at anyone who threatens a person’s safety.

That’s exactly what Jessica said she did when she described forgetting her phone charger in her car and going out to the parking lot alone at 2:30 a.m. to retrieve it, as reported by KPRC.

The photo (available on Facebook this link) might be considered disturbing.

A woman holds a car key next to a car.

Collins wrote that she opened her car, grabbed her phone charger cord, and then exited her car, only to be punched in the nose by a man she described as a Hispanic male.

Jessica wrote that she quickly gave the man a right hook punch that caught him in the neck and sent him running off into the night holding his neck while Collins ran back to her apartment. Collins wrote that she called the cops, and authorities were able to swab the blood on the key to try and determine the assailant from his DNA.

“I was filled with fear, but my first thought was punch him so I can run to my apartment.”

Collins made her post public after her Facebook friends requested for her to do so in order to enable them to share it and warn others.

According to Newser, Jessica’s attacker has not yet been found.

On Facebook, Collins is receiving many supportive comments beneath her harrowing post.

[Featured Image by Victoria Meyo/Shutterstock]