Adele ‘To Lose Millions In DVD Sales’ Post-Wembley Tour Dates Cancelation

Adele canceling the final two Wembley shows she was expected to perform at this week will evidently cost her millions, it has been reported.

The singer was expected to have well over 100 cameras record both shows in what was going to be turned into an official DVD of the live concert, Digital Spy reveals.

It’s unclear why management waited until the final shows to film the event as a whole, but considering that Wembley has been one of Adele’s favorite places to perform, it somewhat only seemed to make sense to close the tour in this manner.

However, after having announced her vocal complications, Adele was forced to pull out from the shows, as doctors have strongly advised her to rest to avoid the chances of ruining her voice for good.

The move to cancel the remaining concerts will not only mean that Adele’s fans won’t be getting a DVD of the tour, it will also see the “Hello” singer miss out on a whopping income from the sales she would have generated.

With Adele’s tour already having generated tens of millions in revenue, the DVD would have generated the songstress up to $5 million, but since she won’t be able to perform at either scheduled events, Adele has been put in quite an unfortunate situation.

The Sun continues by saying that filming the final two dates for the planned DVD had been in the works for months.

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From the cameras to where they would be placed, along with special effects to be captured specifically for those who’ve bought the DVD, had all been set up for the remaining shows, and now it seems as if all the work has gone to waste.

Sources continue by saying that Adele is beyond apologetic for having put her fans in such an awful position, especially since she’s already hinted that she might never tour again, stressing it’s simply not something she likes doing.

It should be stressed, however, that Adele has already generated tens of millions from her latest album 25.

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While Adele is not that bothered about missing out on an another hefty income from DVD sales, the “Send My Love” songstress is gutted that she was left no other choice but to pull out from the remaining dates to save her vocal cords.

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