WWE Rumors: ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy Making His WWE Debut This Monday On ‘Raw’?

Many wrestling fans are still waiting for Matt Hardy to use his “Broken” gimmick in the WWE. The “Broken” Matt Hardy character was one of the most entertaining acts in wrestling last year. The legal battle between Matt and Anthem could be coming to an end and “Broken” Matt Hardy might finally make his WWE debut.

The “Broken” Matt Hardy character helped Matt revitalize his career at the age of 42-years-old. It was over the crowd and it spawned several other characters like “Broken” Brother Nero, the alternate ego of Jeff Hardy, Señor Benjamin, Vanguard 1 and many more.

When Matt and Jeff Hardy signed with the WWE back in April, there were some signs of Matt using the “Broken” character. “Delete” chants were rampant, and it was obvious that Matt could use the full version of the character on WWE television. It was because Anthem claimed that they own the characters in the “Broken” universe used in Impact Wrestling.

The Hardy Boyz have revealed in several interviews that the legal battle is preventing them from using the gimmick in the WWE. However, it seems like the legal issue between Matt Hardy and Anthem is coming to an end. According to FanSided, Matt teased the idea of “Broken” Matt Hardy making his debut on Monday Night Raw this week in Phoenix, Arizona.

Matt Hardy shows signs of his 'Broken' character on WWE television.
Matt Hardy poses in his signature 'Broken' forn before a Steel Cage Match. [Image by WWE]

Here are the tweets from Matt Hardy that are setting the internet wrestling community on fire.


FanSided noted that the meaning of Matt Hardy’s tweets is not known but there could be three possible explanations. First, Matt won the rights to use the “Broken” character and will make his WWE debut on Monday. Second, it could be related to a current storyline.

Finally, the third explanation is Matt Hardy trolling the fans for his own entertainment. Wrestlers are known for doing such things on social media, whether teasing the fans’ dream scenarios or schooling haters, trolls, and critics.

Matt and Jeff Hardy are former Raw Tag Team Champions.
Jeff and Matt Hardy, The Hardy Boyz, look on after losing a matc on 'Monday Night Raw'. [Image by WWE]

As for The Hardy Boyz’s pursuit of regaining the Raw Tag Team Championships, Cageside Seats reports that there are no plans to give Matt and Jeff the titles. It is despite the fact that Sheamus is set to miss some time to film a new movie titled The Buddy Games alongside Transformers star Josh Duhamel.

Matt and Jeff Hardy are in the twilight of their careers, and they seem to be content with having one memorable final run with the WWE. However, if Matt, and possibly Jeff, can use the “Broken” gimmick in the WWE, it might revitalize their careers and give the company a much-needed boost in the ratings. Nevertheless, these are still just rumors at the moment and should be taken with a grain of salt.

[Featured Image by WWE]