Kasey Dischman: Pregnant Woman Overdosed On Heroin Charged With Assault, Alcohol Also Found In System

Kasey Dischman, 30, was seven months pregnant when she overdosed on heroin. Although the mother survived, the child was delivered via emergency C-section and is on life support. According to CBS News 8, the Pennsylvania woman has been charged with aggravated assault on an unborn child.

On June 23, emergency personnel were called to the woman’s apartment because she was unresponsive. CBS Pittsburgh reported that Andrew Lucas kicked in the door of the bathroom. Once inside, he found his girlfriend lying on the floor and called 911.

When questioned by paramedics, Dischman’s boyfriend, Andrew Lucas, did not mention Kasey was a heroin user. Instead, he claimed she suffered from a seizure disorder. Had the paramedics known the truth, they could have given her Narcan, an overdose medication. As a result, he is also facing charges, although they have not been filed yet, and is being held at Mercer County Prison.

Dischman was rushed to Butler Memorial Hospital and went into cardiac arrest. She was revived in the emergency room and transferred to UPMC Mercy Hospital. At the time of the medical transfer, Kasey was unconscious and on a respirator. After being stabilized, doctors were forced to deliver the baby prematurely. Although the child was born alive, the little girl has already been resuscitated once. She is now on a life support system and is considered brain dead. There has been no decision yet on whether or not to keep her on life support.

“Should the baby not survive, and we’ve talked to the [District Attorney], he’s leaning towards filing the criminal homicide charge.”

According to police, Kasey said she was released from jail five days before. She found a bag of heroin underneath the couch. Dischman claims it was the first time she shot up since coming home. After her hospitalization, police obtained a search warrant. Hidden in her apartment bathroom, they found a needle.

Medical records show Dischman tested positive for both opioids and alcohol.

Kasey Dischman went straight from the hospital to Butler County Jail and her bond is $500,000. At the time of the heroin overdose, both suspects were home with another child, a 6-year-old girl. However, it is not clear if relatives are looking after the minor or if the state took custody.

[Featured Image by Butler County Prison via AP Images]