Kanye West Says 'No More Exclusive Releases': Future Music Will Be Available On Multiple Platforms

Stacey Cole

No more exclusive music releases from Kanye West, the rapper has announced to streaming services. Following his major falling out with Tidal, the rapper says he's done with exclusive releases for streaming services such as Apple and Spotify.

Kanye West is adamant to transform the modern music industry, as the rapper has just announced his future music releases will be available on multiple platforms.

The news comes following the Kanye West vs. Jay-Z beef after the latter included a diss track "Kill Jay Z" on his recent album 4:44. But it's no ordinary rapper vs. rapper feud, as Jay-Z also happens to be the owner of Tidal.

Until now, Kanye West had dropped his music releases exclusively for streaming services to be able to stream his albums for a certain period of time before other services were allowed to jump in and stream his music on their own platforms.

But Tidal streamed Kanye West's The Life of Pablo for way too long, and the rapper was none too pleased.

Amid a brewing money dispute between Jay-Z's Tidal and Kanye West over the exclusive release of his latest album, TMZ reports that West is done with exclusive releases once and for all.

Infuriated over Tidal holding The Life of Pablo for way too long before other streaming services were allowed to stream Kanye West's music, the rapper says he plans to make new music available on as many music platforms as possible from now on.

As Kanye West splits from Tidal, both parties gravitate towards a messy money dispute and both Jay-Z's streaming service and the "Famous" rapper face possible legal action.

The Life of Pablo, released in February 2016, was streamed exclusively on Tidal for a month and a half, and Kanye West got furious over the platform blocking its competitors from streaming his music for such a long time.

Although the album was an exclusive stream on Tidal, it wasn't available for purchase or download, which generated a mammoth increase in piracy.

Less than a week after The Life of Pablo was made available on Jay-Z's streaming service, the album was pirated around 500,000 times, according to the Independent.

Kanye West is also reportedly prepared to sue Tidal for not paying the rapper for the massive uptick in new subscribers following the release of The Life of Pablo last year. TMZ reports that Tidal pocketed around 1.5 million new subscribers following the release.

Many music enthusiasts mistakenly interpreted Kanye West's beef with Tidal as his furious response to Jay-Z's latest album where he disses Yeezy. However, Kanye West started the money dispute against Tidal before 4:44 even saw the light of day.

Kanye West will be facing legal trouble if he chooses to go to another streaming service, as Tidal still has an exclusive contract with the "Famous" rapper.

Kanye West will reportedly sue Tidal in case the streaming service slaps him with legal action for walking away.

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