Woman Hides Meth In Buttocks, Then Eats Drug Baggie After Stash Is Found

A Florida woman is sitting behind bars, charged with multiple offenses. However, what is making news isn’t her drug-related crimes, but what officials discovered while booking Summer Nicole Adamson into Collier County Jail. The 30-year-old managed to shove a baggie of methamphetamines up her buttocks. It was not noticed until she was being booked at the jail. When it was discovered, the suspect allegedly grabbed the baggie, put it in her mouth, and started chewing it.

According to WBBH, Summer Adamson of Bonita Springs was arrested on June 30 in Naples, Florida, just two days after her birthday. The suspect was arrested after someone called the police, saying she broke their car window. Sitting in the car beside the driver, a syringe and heroin were found.

Once at the jail, deputies searched Adamson and that is when it was discovered she shoved a bag of meth up her buttocks. According to Crime Watch Daily, Summer grabbed the bag of drugs, put it in her mouth, and started to eat it.

Collier County Sheriff’s Office has the young woman facing several charges. Those include possession of heroin, possession of amphetamine, smuggling contraband into a county detention facility, possession and/or use of narcotic paraphernalia, as well as tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. Her bond is $22,000 and to date, she has not been released.

This is not Summer Adamson’s first brush with the law. Just a few days prior, on June 25, she was arrested for disorderly conduct. Her bond for that crime was $1,000 and she was released. However, due to her not staying out of trouble until her court appearance, that bond has since been revoked.

She also has other offenses dating back quite a few years. Previous criminal charges include multiple violations of jail rules. There are several theft charges, as well as grand theft, larceny, and battery.

This is not the first time a suspect has tried to hide drugs in strange places, including inside body cavities. It will probably won’t be the last, either.

Summer Adamson’s next court date is on July 24. It is unclear if she has an attorney to represent her in the case.

[Featured Image by Collier County Sheriff’s Office]