‘Bringing Up Bates’: Michael’s Infertility Problems Take Toll On Her Faith In God

Being the eldest daughter of the Bates family, Michael loves children. But going into their second wedding anniversary, Michael and husband Brandon Keilen, are still waiting to be pregnant with their own baby. Michael has opened up about her infertility struggles and how they are affecting her faith in God.

In a new blog post published on their website, Michael shared the joys of being married to Brandon. They have lots of fun time together, going on picnics, hikes and late night dates. But while she enjoys these time, she confessed that deep inside, she longs to be a mommy. She wondered when will she get pregnant, which turned into concern and fear as time goes by. She confessed that her view of life started to change because of her infertility.

“I was quickly growing more and more discontented and suddenly I found myself doubting God.”

The Bringing Up Bates star and her husband began consulting specialists, but the results were not good. Feeling more heartbroken after each test, Michael shared that she has been crying every night. She felt like her dreams and desires have been crushed. Brandon has been praying for her, telling her that God has a plan for them.

“Yet, I had become so focused on the one thing I didn’t have that I was doubting God and His goodness. I kept asking, ‘Why me?’”

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Michael Bates opened up to Brandon about her diminishing faith, and what her husband told her that night changed everything for her. He encouraged his wife to try to trust God again and read the Bible on His promises. Michael started to seek God again, which paved the way for her perspective to change. She saw that God will provide for her medical needs, as well as financial. Furthermore, she said the struggles have brought her and Brandon closer together as a couple. Michael admitted that she is still hurting and still crying, but she has peace amid all that. She also learned to focus on the blessings she already receives.

In the recent episode of Bringing Up Bates, Kelly said the family has predicted that among the siblings, it would be Michael who will have the biggest family.

“She loves children. She rejoices when another person is pregnant as much as we do, but at the same time…there’s got to be that feeling of, ‘I wish I could be pregnant and join them,’” she added.

At the end of Michael’s blog, she noted that their infertility issue is a hard topic to talk about and to share with other people. Nonetheless, they have received plenty of support and encouragement from friends and fans that she wanted to extend her gratitude.

Bringing Up Bates airs every Thursday at 9 p.m. on UP TV.

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