Maddox Pitt Wants Angelina To Find New Man, Allegedly Thinks She Needs Love In Her Life

Maddox Pitt is desperately hoping that his mother, Angelina, will fall in love again very soon, sources reveal.

According to Radar Online, since her divorce filing from Brad Pitt in September, Jolie has not only moved out from the home she shared with her estranged husband, she’s fully dedicated her entire time to her children.

As one source puts it, the time she would usually dedicate to Brad has now been passed over to her children, and while the kids couldn’t be more happy to have mommy around at all times, they realize she needs to find love again.

Maddox Pitt, in particular, thinks that Angie could be lonely and to have been with Brad for such a long time may have made things difficult for her to suddenly find herself single again.

Maddox, as one source reveals, wants his mother to move on from Brad and find a new man.

According to the outlet, Pitt has already accepted the fact that mom and dad won’t be getting back together, so instead of hoping that there’s still a chance, he wants to focus his attention on pushing Angelina to start dating again.

Radar Online continues to add that Angie has been joking to family and friends that she’s completely married to her children right now, with no chance that she’ll jump back into the dating scene anytime soon, but Maddox Pitt thinks she’s making a mistake.

An insider close to the situation continues to stress that out of all the kids, Maddox Pitt is closest to Jolie. He picks up on the smallest things about his mother, and from the way she’s been behaving as of late, he thinks she should consider the idea of finding herself a new man.

What’s even more interesting is that Jolie has more or less made Maddox Pitt the man of the house now that Brad is no longer living with them.

The actress recently purchased a multi-million dollar home in Los Feliz where Maddox Pitt and his siblings are said to be staying.

The house is also said to be less than three miles away from Brad’s compound, making it convenient for when the kids want to visit their father.

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