Classic Puffin Children’s Books Get A Designer Makeover By Pantone

Classic children’s novels on the Puffin label are now getting a stylish makeover by color experts Pantone. The block colors have been selected to reflect what Puffin claims are the “shades that reflect the stories within.”

The edge of the books look like the Pantone color cards, with the various shades running vertically, and uses Pantone’s infamous typeface. The cover has the solid color, that has instant impact. The look of the books have a modern, Pantone feel. Yet, the surprise is the children’s book title.

What books will be included in this stylish and symbolic makeover? According to Design Week U.K., some of the titles included are The Wizard of Oz, Anne of Green Gables, Tom Sawyer, and Treasure Island. What are the corresponding colors to these particular novels? They are yellow, green, blue, and orange, respectively.

Of course, this all makes sense. Anne of Green Gables would be green, and everyone thinks of the yellow brick road, when they think of L. Frank Baum’s classic book. Perhaps what is more striking, is that the title is more prominent than in the old covers, where there was a classic illustration.

But are these only meant for children? It appears that Puffin is seeking the “inner child” of adult readers of these classic tales. The Secret Garden, with its new pink Pantone cover, now brings back more than a childhood feeling. Pantone understands that color is not just decorative. It can affect the “body as well as the mind.”

Every year, in December, Pantone announces a Color of the Year. This year, the Inquisitr reported that the color was Greenery. This color is meant to “revive, restore and renew.” In a year of political turmoil, Greenery is set to calm the mind, and bring people back to nature.

Pantone enjoys selecting the Color of the Year to reflect the psychological mood of people. And perhaps they offer a respite. Imagine if this year’s color was red? This could psychologically change how people already react to the light speed changes and challenges that are going on in our modern world. With Greenery, there is hope, and peace.

What do you think of the new Puffin Pantone colored books? Does this entice you to pick up some of your childhood favorite books and collect the whole, colorful series? Share your thoughts below.

[Featured Image by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]