Stevie J Claims Joseline Hernandez Uses Daughter Bonnie As Pawn Amid Custody Battle

Stevie J’s custody battle continues to heat up following another heated social media argument with on-again, off-again girlfriend Joseline Hernandez.

Sources close to the couple reveal that ever since last month’s breakup, Joseline has made it known that she wants full custody of their daughter, Bonnie Bella, noting that she’s done with Stevie J and has no plans to reconcile with him, BET reports.

The reason behind yet another feud between the two was never revealed, but it seems to have been quite intense since the former stripper publicly stressed she wants Stevie J far away from their daughter at all times.

Stevie J, who rose to fame as a music producer for the likes of Mariah Carey and Notorious B.I.G, is livid by some of the things that are now being held against his name, adding that Joseline is once again tarnishing his brand and his name.

The reality star is keeping his head held high, taking to Instagram to let fans know that he’s not going to let Joseline get away with the slandering, nor is he going to back down from fighting for his rights to see his daughter.

Stevie J has already requested a judge to have Hernandez pull forth a list of all the men she’s been sexually active within the past year, according to Bossip, while also asking to have the TV personality take a psychiatric exam.

Stevie J is convinced that Joseline is mentally unstable, to an extent, for the supposed fact that she has mood swings on a daily basis is far from normal.

The music producer says that most of the arguments that he has found himself in regarding Joseline are usually because of something that she is either accusing him of or over something she’s not happy with.

Being in a relationship with the mother-of-one is unhealthy, Stevie J has publicly stated, adding that the chances of him ever getting back with his on-again, off-again lover is highly unlikely.

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Right now, Stevie J is simply focused on getting his share in the custody battle. It’s said that Stevie wants to walk away with nothing less than 50 percent in the custodial case.

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