Angelina Jolie Reportedly Still Angry At Brad Pitt: Mixed Emotions Causing Divorce Problems?

Angelina Jolie still has some anger that she's holding against Brad Pitt for how their marriage ended, which is why she will only talk to him when it's concerning their kids, a report claims.

Angelina Jolie made the shocking move to file for divorce back in September, but it wasn't until his interview with GQ that fans learned Brad Pitt had been struggling with an addiction to alcohol.

In the magazine, the actor is brutally honest when he says that his addiction to alcohol definitely played a part in how things ended up turning out for him, Angelina Jolie, and the kids.

The divorce was definitely not something that Pitt saw coming, but from what's been gathered, Angelina had hit her breaking point and wanted out of the marriage for the sake of her kids' well-being.

And though Jolie and Brad have started speaking to one another again, sources claim that things are still rough between the duo.

The actress finds it hard to get on the phone with her estranged husband and talk about the things that went wrong with their marriage.

Instead, Angelina Jolie prefers to keep it strictly about the children, Hollywood Life shares. Whenever Pitt wants to schedule a fun-filled trip with the kids, he contacts Jolie, who is more than willing to arrange the dates.

Sources say that it's going to take time for Angelina Jolie to come around and be on the same page as Brad, who seems to be handling the divorce better than the mother-of-six.

It goes without saying that splitting up was hard for the both of them but Brad knows that in order to effectively co-parent their children together, him and Angelina Jolie need to get to a place where there's no animosity between them.

Brad is fully aware of his reckless actions in his marriage to the actress, but insiders believe that with the couple being back on speaking terms, things will gradually progress to the point where they can talk about anything.

Getting to that point could take quite some time, especially since the divorce has yet to be finalized, an insider concludes.

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