Not everyone lives in a US cellphone world

I've never hidden the fact that I think that the whole idea of a mobile based web that is centered around smartphones might be a nice idea but outside of the US they it isn't something that is available at a price that makes it worthwhile. While I can't speak for most countries in the real world when it comes to the cost of even having a cellphone, let alone a smart one, here in Canada it is nothing but a joke.

The fact is that up here in the Great White North the market is controlled with an iron fist by three companies: Bell, Rogers, and Telus. It has been this way for years and because of this stranglehold the three of them share Canadians have one of the most restrictive and expensive mobile phone markets around.

It is only recently that there has been talk of newer and smaller companies being able to enter the market but as of yet none has actually come to market. One of these companies is called WIND Mobile and while this is the first time that I have heard of them they sure seem to be targeting their marketing campaigns around social media.

Thanks to Joey deVilla here are three videos that WIND Mobile is using to spread their message. They might be humorous on the surface but the fact is they pretty well depict what being a cellphone customer is like in this country.

What if Toronto's hot dog vendors had a pricing model like Canadian mobile phone companies? Buying a hot dog would be like this:

Canada is the only country in the world where mobile companies lock you into three-year contracts for mobile service, and this situation is illustrated in the video titled Bike Lock:

Service packages offered by U.S. mobile companies are something we look upon with envy. Here, the mobile companies love nickel-and-diming you: