July 3, 2017
Are Captain And Tennille Reuniting? Toni Returns To Arizona, But Not To Daryl Dragon

Love may not be keeping them together, but the love of Prescott, Arizona is keeping Toni Tennille and Daryl Dragon living in close proximity again. Tennille is moving back to the southwest city again, after being away for just over two years.

In a recent Facebook post that begins with the phrase "Is this the first chapter of the rest of my life? Or the continuation of more of the surprising journey that circumstances, and my own choices, have led me to?"

Toni goes out to say that when she moved to Lake Mary, Florida, she thought it was for the rest of her life. She thought that she could be a southern girl again, as she had been raised in the south, in Alabama, where she stayed until the tender age of 19. From there, she sought her fame and fortune in California. After moves to Lake Tahoe and then to Prescott, she now realizes that her "tribe" was really in Arizona, and at 77 years of age, finding a new tribe is much more difficult than making the big move back west.

Tennille's reasoning for moving makes perfect sense. She was working on her tell-all book, Toni Tennille: A Memoir, with her niece Caroline, who lived in Florida. She quickly discovered that the two-hour drive from Prescott to Sky Harbor Airport was so challenging, that moving in with her younger sister, Caroline's mom, was the best solution in getting her revealing memoir about her loveless marriage to Dragon completed.


So, she is returning back to Arizona where her ex-husband, and ex-musical partner Daryl Dragon lives. So, does this mean they are reuniting? Tennille insists that this will never ever never happen again. The Love Will Keep Us Together singer won't be reuniting as Captain and Tennille. But this does not mean she will quit singing! She appears to be thrilled to sing once again with the Yavapai Master Chorale, where she will be singing with the tenor section.

Yet, the former couple who had such chart breaking hits as "Muskrat Love," and "Shop Around" appear to remain friends. In March, Tennille posted that she had been off of Facebook for a month because she had to rush back to Prescott to help Daryl move into a new house. According to the Washington Post, Daryl has had some health issues, and despite the shock he received by the divorce, the couple is on speaking terms.


In her memoir, Tennille confessed that her 39-year marriage was lonely. Despite cozy photos of the couple, in reality, they slept in separate rooms, even on the road. Her revelations like "The man whom I'd thought was my soul mate was in many ways just as remote as a stranger passing by through the fog," shocked the millions of fans that loved the chemistry of the couple, and their love story, as much as they loved their songs, like the steamy, "Do It To Me One More Time." Yet, it appears that although the relationship was loveless, it was not friendless.

But will the couple reunite musically? It doesn't sound like it. Instead, Tennille will be reunited with her tribe and enjoy the rest of her life in the town that she calls home, and feels like home.

Do you hope that the Captain and Tennille reunite? What is your favorite song by the duo? Share your thoughts below.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]