Hourly Puppy Rental Offered By Utah Student

Hourly puppy rentals may have some tails wagging in gratitude towards a student at Utah’s Brigham Young University.

Jenna Miller is seeking to find permanent homes for abandoned puppies by renting them out by the hour. The goal is to give potential adopters a chance to interact with the animal before making a commitment. There is also the additional benefit of giving the animal quality time that involves human interaction and affection.

Travelers Today reports that Miller currently rents out two puppies named Toast and Charly. Spending time with the fuzzy critters will empty your wallet of $15 for one hour. Two hours of puppy playtime costs $25. The pups offered in the service have all come from owners who have given up the pet.

The idea does have its detractors who worry the rental process may not be good for the dogs. One person that has doubts is the Humane Society of New York’s behaviorist Bill Berloni.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Berloni said the following:

“It reduces them to things, things we use for our leisure. [The animal will] have problems learning how to attach, they’ll be independent and harder to train.”

To date, the endeavor seems to be a successful one. According to Miller, of the 11 puppies she has rented out, all of them were subsequently adopted. The bulk of her clients have been college students and families.

She also feels that spending a short amount of time with an animal can be beneficial to people who are hesitant. She hopes to create future pet owners by showing them the “positive benefits” of dog ownership.

What are your thoughts on hourly puppy rental? Would you consider using such a service?