Major Changes Coming For '205 Live,' New Authority Figure Coming Soon For Brand

Over the past year, WWE has brought back the Cruiserweight Division to WWE television and rebranded it on the WWE Network as 205 Live. The very talented roster has been given time on Raw every week and airs after SmackDown Live every Tuesday night. Despite everything going for the brand, the WWE Universe has not responded to the Cruiserweight Division like the powers that be believed they would over a year ago.

In terms of viewership and attendance, 205 Live hasn't been performing well and the numbers are at a new low. WWE officials are doing what they can, but many fans don't even stick around to see them during their show on Tuesdays. It has been rumored that huge changes are expected to try and save the brand before it's too late. One of those changes is going to be bringing in an authority figure, much like a general manager.

Much like Kurt Angle on Raw and Daniel Bryan on SmackDown Live, the powers that be are hopeful that a new general manager on 205 Live will give the brand some more legitimacy and help define its image. Angle and Bryan represent a lot of the identity of those brands, so WWE officials are hoping that someone else can do the same thing for the Cruiserweight Division. However, there isn't a rumored name for the role just yet.

205 Live Isnt Doing Well on the WWE Network
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An authoritative role on 205 Live could do a lot to create storylines and intrigue to the brand. It would also bring a lot of structure to the show every week, which could make a difference in making it a more valuable brand in the eyes of the WWE Universe. The fans should also expect other WWE Superstars to make a few appearances similar to the ones Titus O'Neil and Sasha Banks have made over recent weeks on 205 Live.

Neville Has Evolved His Character on 205 Live
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Neville has been able to capitalize on the opportunities that 205 Live have presented, but it hasn't translated into the kind of results that WWE officials are looking for right now. The future of the brand depends on the possible GM role and any other changes that are made over the coming months. There is still a great deal of potential for 205 Live to be a great brand, but WWE officials will need to work harder to make that happen.

The WWE Universe will respond to the brand if there is something special that can't be missed on 205 Live each week. Raw and SmackDown Live combine for five hours of weekly content already, which doesn't even include NXT or other WWE Network shows. If WWE officials want 205 Live to become a more important brand for the company, they need to offer the WWE Universe something special that we haven't seen before.

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