'Supernatural' Star Jared Padalecki Pens An Emotional Letter To His Kids

Jared Padalecki may be known as being something of a loner on The CW's Supernatural, but, outside of the series, the actor is nothing like his Sam Winchester alter ego. At home, Jared is a devoted family man and, together with wife Genevieve Padalecki, the star plays father to two sons and a daughter. He spent this year's recent Father's Day writing a letter to those children, even though it may be some time before they read it.

Supernatural Son Jared Padalecki Writes To His Own Children

Together with Jared, Genevieve parents 5-year-old Thomas Colton Padalecki, 3-year-old Austin Shepherd Padalecki, and newborn (March 17) Odette Elliott Padalecki. As E! News shares, the actress, who starred alongside Jared in several episodes of Supernatural, proudly shared a letter written by Mr. Padalecki to his children.

Using her blog to gush about Padalecki's love for his children, Genevieve acknowledges that it will be years before their kids are old enough to read the letter, but she's happy it will be there for them. In her blog post, the actress expresses her hope that her children will one day be able to appreciate the love Jared has for them all.

Genevieve further gushes that the Supernatural star has "found his calling" as a father and family man.

Jared Padalecki Tells His Children: "You've Humbled Me"

In covering the details of Jared Padalecki's letter to his children, Refinery 29 reports that the Supernatural star felt his world thrown completely off balance by the arrival of his three children. Padalecki says that the chaos created by their arrival is a good thing because it helped him grow as a person.

In his letter, Jared says Father's Day is usually intended to show appreciation for the man of the household, but, this year, he wanted to turn that around. Padalecki writes that he felt it was more appropriate to say "thank you" as opposed to the traditional "you're welcome" on that day.

It seems that Jared is taking a cue from his Supernatural brother Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), as he tells his children that he will always be there for them. Padalecki adds that they might not always see that as a good thing, because it will mean doling out punishment or prohibiting certain activities, but he hopes they will remember he will always be acting in their best interests.

"You've humbled me. You've helped me rediscover the joy of discovery," Jared Padalecki writes in closing his letter.

"You've turned my world upside down. And I wouldn't have it any other way."
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