Kylie Jenner Reportedly Missing Tyga: Why She Might Give Ex-Boyfriend Another Chance Post-Split

Kylie Jenner reportedly misses her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, now that she's beginning to realize that things between her and Travis Scott aren't as great as they seemed.

According to Hollywood Life, while Kylie Jenner has feelings for Scott, she notices how the rapper allegedly doesn't pay her much attention — at least it's nowhere near to the amount Tyga would give her.

With Travis working on new music on a constant basis and his duties to tour the country, there's barely any time that the 25-year-old has for Kylie Jenner and it's really starting to bother her.

In those times where she happens to be away from Scott, Kylie reportedly thinks about Tyga and how good her relationship was when the duo wasn't arguing with one another.

Many things can be said about the father-of-one, but Kylie Jenner can't deny that he was very caring and always made her his main priority, even when he was touring and working on expanding his brand.

Things are becoming challenging for Kylie Jenner since she's torn between both men, but from what Hollywood Life reports, it seems as if the 19-year-old is gravitating back to Tyga, which would evidently mean she could dump Travis Scott.

It's an untimely decision for the socialite, especially since she's already been introduced to her boyfriend's parents, who have all embraced her with open arms, but Kylie Jenner doesn't want to be stuck in a romance that won't be going forward.

At this point, though she has feelings for Scott, Kylie Jenner doesn't see the relationship going any further and has started thinking about the potential chance of getting back with the man she dumped back in March.

It's claimed that Kylie hasn't spoken to the "Faded" hitmaker since she decided to call it quits but from what sources have gathered, the TV personality definitely thinks about him a lot.

It's not uncommon for Kylie Jenner to check up on Tyga on social media to see his whereabouts and find out whether he's moved on with someone new.

For right now, Tyga is still single, reports claim, so if Kylie Jenner is serious about trying to give her shambled romance another shot with the 27-year-old, she certainly stands a chance to make it happen.

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